Twenty-one years later, woman dies of injuries sustained during her abortion

Christi Stile, who underwent an abortion the day after her 18th birthday in 1993, has died after nearly 22 years of suffering inflicted by her abortion.  During Stile’s abortion, her incompetent abortionist intravenously administered anesthesia but failed to observe the basic protocol of monitoring Christi’s vitals.  As a result, Christi suffered cardiac arrest and sustained brain damage during the procedure.  All of this would have been prevented if the abortionist had cared enough about Christi to ensure that she was hooked up to a pulse oximeter during the procedure.  Again, this is basic protocol during the administration of anesthesiain every medical profession.

Christi’s mom, who was in the waiting room during the abortion, did not know anything had happened to her daughter until ambulances arrived and whisked Christi away.  Christi’s mom would never again know her healthy daughter; Christi spent the rest of her life paralyzed, in a dazed state with minimal or no awareness of her surroundings.

Christi’s parents spent the rest of her life caring for their daughter, until last month, when Christi ultimately died from her botched abortion. 

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Christi’s abortionist, Ronald Kuseski, is still committing abortions at the same facility where he fatally wounded Christi in 1993.  Kuseski never faced punishment for his crime; instead he received a lightly-worded “letter of admonition” from the Colorado Medical Board instructing him to remember to use pulse oximetry during his future abortions.  The abortion mill is still open for business as well.

In many states, abortionists are allowed to operate without oversight, and then to continue without consequences when they maim and kill women like Christi.  42 years of legal abortion in America have proven that we cannot trust the men and women responsible for the deaths of nearly 58 million preborn children to self-police.

In spite of a faux “pro-woman” narrative, their actions betray their flippancy toward the lives of women.  That is why, here in Texas, we have worked tirelessly to apply oversight and accountability to the predatory abortion business.  Through historic measures like HB 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill of the 2013 legislative session, we have protected women from the careless and downright misogynistic antics of Texas abortionists.  One Christi Stile – one victim – is one too many.  But we know that Christi is one of countless women who have met injury and death at the hands of her abortionist.

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