Selective outrage: Abortion group does exactly what they blasted Pro-Lifers for doing last month

In a moment of overt self-contradiction, NARAL is doing exactly what they harangued Texas Right to Life for doing last month: calling a beer company out for a disrespectful business decision.

A few weeks ago, Texas Right to Life alerted the Pro-Life community that iconic Houston brewery Saint Arnold’s had chosen to rent space to the anti-Life group NARAL Pro-Choice Texas for a fundraiser.  Saint Arnold’s actually has a years-long history of supporting the abortion industry in Texas.  In 2011, the brewery welcomed Planned Parenthood for a similar event.

NARAL uses funds to support their mission of dismantling protections for human Life throughout the state of Texas.  NARAL, an abortion lobby group, opposes any measure that affords dignity to preborn children and protects vulnerable women from the rampant, predatory antics of the abortion industry.

Many Texans were disappointed to hear that their favorite beer company had assisted the abortion lobby by providing space for NARAL’s fundraiser.  They voiced their disappointment to management, and many have stated that they will no longer purchase Saint Arnold’s beer.  NARAL and likeminded media went berserk over the Pro-Life pushback, accusing Texas Right to Life and the Pro-Lifers who opposed Saint Arnold’s decision of “harassing” the beer company and NARAL.

Yet, in an ironic turn of events, NARAL is now “harassing” (by their own definition) another beer company, Bud Light, for a bad marketing decision.  Anheuser-Busch released a Bud Light product branded with the phrase, “The perfect beer for removing the word ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.”  In a culture where date rape and female exploitation are rampant (although we have yet to see NARAL support measures to end this), we agree that the decision was a terrible one.  Anyone who respects Life should outspokenly oppose flippancy toward any lack of respect for human life.

NARAL is among the opponents of Bud Light’s error, sharing this Mother Jones article (which was released after the company publicly apologized for the decision) on Facebook.  The group’s followers vowed to discontinue support of Anheuser-Busch, calling the move “disgusting,” and vowing to “boycott.”  NARAL even retweeted one follower’s statement that he would remove Bud Light from his vocabulary due to the decision.

In short, NARAL supporters responded to Bud Light in exactly the same way that Texas Right to Life supporters responded to Saint Arnold’s.  But because the abortion lobby cannot tolerate people who do not agree with them, we were cackled and branded as harassers, while abortion sympathizers are patted on the head for doing the exact same thing.  Does that make any sense?  No.  But then again, we aren’t holding our breath for the day when the abortion industry makes any sense.

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