Abortion mill refuses to speak to 911 on the phone as abortion patient struggles to breathe

The abortion industry’s disregard for the women on whom they commit abortions grows more shocking each day.  Last month, staff at a Bakersfield, California, abortion mill refused to speak to a 911 dispatcher when the husband of a botched abortion patient was asked to hand them his cell phone.  The dispatcher, who was contacted by the patient’s husband, asked to speak directly with staff after the staff locked the husband out of the room and refused to allow him to explain to 911 exactly what was happening to his wife. 

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The husband, identified by the dispatcher as “Eric,” suspected that his wife was having an allergic reaction to the large dose of anesthetic administered to his wife, but could only relay the symptoms he had witnessed prior to calling 911, because staff would not let him near his wife once they learned he was on the phone with emergency personnel.  Eric told the dispatcher that his wife had suffered a similar reaction to anesthesia in the past and had had to be hospitalized.  He said that she was exhibiting the same symptoms as she had before.

The 911 dispatcher appeared totally confident that, after staff refused to let Eric into his wife’s room, they would be willing to speak to her on the phone.  “Let them know you’re on the phone with 911,” she said, “and that we need to get next to the patient.  If she’s having an emergency, it shouldn’t be an issue.”  Well, there was an issue.  The dispatcher repeatedly attempted to speak to staff so that she could more fully assess the situation in tandem with the en route ambulance. 

Speaking to staff would have saved precious moments – maybe even determining the difference between Life and death for the woman – for the EMS team, which was ultimately forced by the uncooperative abortion staff to have no usable information about the patient until they arrived to assess the situation themselves.  Because the staff refused to allow the woman’s husband into her room or to speak to 911 on the phone, the husband was unable to locate a defibrillator in case needed or to relay his wife’s condition to the dispatcher so that she could in turn brief the EMS team prior to arrival.

The lack of care shown to Eric’s wife is inexcusable.  But this is a trend we see perpetuated every day in abortion mills across the world.  Should we really expect greater integrity from the group of “medical professionals” who have so little disregard for Life that they willingly kill the children of the women they injure?  

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