Foster Father Running for State Rep. Promises to Champion Pro-Life Agenda

On November 7, constituents of House District 2 will elect a new representative to the Texas House of Representatives. While there are a few candidates running, one stands out as a Pro-Life conservative of the caliber and quality that the residents of HD 2 deserve.

Brent Money is by far the most Pro-Life candidate in the race for House District 2. As a former foster father who also adopted, he has a special appreciation for the gift of Life and what it means to fight for each and every child. These roles have given him firsthand experience working with the foster care system, which will be extremely valuable in this post-Roe world as we seek to build a culture that respects and cares for Life.

Money understands that the fight for Life is far from over. First and foremost, we need to protect our Life-saving laws from inside attacks launched by self-proclaimed Pro-Lifers who want to make more preborn children vulnerable to abortion through adding weakening exceptions to our laws. Money fully recognizes that every human life is infinitely valuable, no matter the circumstances of their conception or the condition of their health. He will not stand for these exceptions being added to our laws.

But that is not enough. Money will not be content with Texas’ Pro-Life movement working defensively, merely protecting our policies as we have them now. He will go on offense against the lawless abortion industry as they invent new ways to circumvent our Life-saving laws. At the same time as he works to hold abortionists accountable, Money will use his experience and knowledge to protect the children and families by building a Pro-Life culture.

Money is 100% Pro-Life and will NOT back down to the pro-abortion Left or to fake Pro-Lifers who seek to add exceptions to our laws. House District 2 and Texas as a whole need a conservative stalwart like Money to stand up for our values and fight to protect all innocent human Life. Anything less is not good enough for HD 2 and for the state.

Let’s get Brent Money into the Texas House to fight for Life!

Early voting is October 23 – November 3, and Election Day is November 7.

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