Plano: Vote Pro-Life for Jeff Leach

Republicans want representatives who not only run on Pro-Life promises, but follow through with their commitments when they arrive at the Capitol in Austin.

Your state representative, Jeff Leach, is a shining example of an elected official who puts his words into action!

Vote Pro-Life for Jeff Leach in the Republican Primary Election!

Leach has faithfully defended preborn children and is committed to continuing this important work.

Representative Leach is a Christian, husband, father, and lawyer.

While serving in Austin, he has been an outspoken voice for:
✅ Preborn babies;

✅ Pregnant women; and

✅ Vulnerable patients.

Adoption agencies, pregnancy centers, and maternity homes received increased funding last year thanks to Jeff Leach!

Leach passed a Pro-Life amendment to the state budget to help pregnant women and new families, while pro-abortion Democrats tried to cut funding for alternatives to abortion.

He also led the important mission last year to rein in liberal district attorneys who refuse to prosecute abortionists if they illegally kill preborn babies.

Vote Pro-Life for Jeff Leach! Early voting is February 20 – March 1, and Election Day is March 5.

Get the Pro-Life Voter Guide here and bring it with you to the polls.

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