Cheap abortions under RomneyCare


Mitt Romney, current frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination and former governor of Massachusetts, is quick to emphasize his Pro-Life conversion and values during his campaign speeches.  It is troubling, however, that after his Pro-Life conversion he signed RomneyCare into law allowing women to obtain medically unnecessary abortions for a mere $50.


With a co-pay of $50 for elective abortions, the rest of the money to cover the cost comes from the taxpayers of Massachusetts.  When questioned about this, Romney responds that he had to allow coverage for abortion in the government run health program due to a Massachusetts State Supreme Court ruling.  There is some truth to this defense.  A 1981 ruling from the Massachusetts Supreme Court did order that all government funded health care plans must cover abortion.  Why did Romney push for this plan knowing that abortions would have to be funded, when he could have stood up for Life and not supported a state government run health plan with an abortion stipulation?


It is the sincerest hope of all Pro-Lifers that Romney is strong in his newfound Life convictions.  He is certainly talking the talk.  Romney promises that if he is elected to the office of President he will repeal ObamaCare and has publicly stated that he believes Roe v Wade should be overturned.


Given his pro-abortion past, these campaign promises are a start.  It is promising that Planned Parenthood and NARAL have both decided to attack Romney for his change of heart on the Life issue.  This goes a long way to countering the fact that Romney at one point asked Planned Parenthood for an endorsement during his campaign as governor. 

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