2024 Endorsements

In order to protect and build a Pro-Life Texas, we need effective Pro-Life leaders at all levels of government who will spearhead our efforts to save lives! Therefore, it is important that we re-elect proven Pro-Life individuals who know what it takes to protect innocent human Life from fertilization to natural death.

Texas Right to Life does not automatically re-endorse all incumbents or individuals who reach a certain score on our legislative scorecard. To achieve our re-endorsement, a candidate must have been endorsed by TRTL during the previous cycle for the same position and must have demonstrated during their time in office an active willingness to stand for Life not only with their votes but also through their actions.

This is not an exhaustive list of the candidates that are or will be endorsed by Texas Right to Life for the 2024 election cycle. We will continue to endorse incumbents and new candidates as the election cycle continues.

We are pleased to issue the following endorsements:

Position Candidate
U.S. Senate Ted Cruz
Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick
Supreme Court of Texas Place 2 Jimmy Blacklock
Supreme Court of Texas Place 4 John Devine
Court of Criminal Appeals Place 1 David Schenck
Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7 Gina Parker
Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8 Michelle Slaughter
Congressional District 1 Nathaniel Moran
Congressional District 5 Lance Gooden
Congressional District 7 Kenneth Omoruyi
Congressional District 13 Ronny Jackson
Congressional District 14 Randy Weber
Congressional District 15 Monica De La Cruz
Congressional District 21 Chip Roy
Congressional District 24 Beth Van Duyne
Congressional District 27 Michael Cloud
Congressional District 36 Brian Babin
Senate District 7 Paul Bettencourt
Senate District 8 Angela Paxton
Senate District 10 Phil King
Senate District 12 Tan Parker
Senate District 27 Adam Hinojosa
Senate District 30 Jace Yarbrough
House District 2 Brent Money
House District 6 Daniel Alders
House District 9 Paulette Carson
House District 10 Brian Harrison
House District 11 Joanne Shofner
House District 15 Steve Toth
House District 18 Janis Holt
House District 20 Terry Wilson
House District 23 Terri Leo-Wilson
House District 24 Greg Bonnen
House District 25 Cody Vasut
House District 29 Jeff Barry
House District 30 A.J. Louderback
House District 37 Janie Lopez
House District 52 Caroline Harris Davila
House District 53 Wes Virdell
House District 55 Hillary Hickland
House District 56 Devvie Duke
House District 60 Mike Olcott
House District 61 Chuck Branch
House District 64 Andy Hopper
House District 65 Mitch Little
House District 67 Jeff Leach
House District 71 Liz Case
House District 73 Carrie Isaac
House District 80 Don McLaughlin
House District 86 John Smithee
House District 87 Caroline Fairly
House District 89 Abraham George
House District 91 Stephanie Klick
House District 93 Nate Schatzline
House District 94 Tony Tinderholt
House District 97 Cheryl Bean
House District 121 Marc LaHood
House District 122 Mark Dorazio
House District 128 Briscoe Cain
House District 129 Dennis Paul
House District 130 Tom Oliverson, M.D.
House District 132 Mike Schofield
House District 133 Mano DeAyala
House District 138 Jared Woodfill
House District 148 Kay Smith
House District 150 Valoree Swanson
State Board of Education, District 12 Pam Little
State Board of Education, District 15 Aaron Kinsey
1st Court of Appeals, Place 6 Andrew Johnson
9th Court of Appeals, Place 4 Kenna Seiler
14th Court of Appeals, Place 4 Tonya McLaughlin
Harris County Sheriff Mike Knox
396th District Court Vince Giardino
Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 3 Matt Krause
Tarrant County Tax Assessor Rick Barnes
Criminal District Court #2 (Tarrant County) William Knight
Collin County Commissioner, Precinct 3 Darrell Hale
401st District Court Kim Laseter
Williamson County Republican Party Chair Michelle Evans
Brazoria County Commissioner Precinct 1 Jay Burridge

Vulnerable Texans, preborn and born, need YOU to elect Pro-Life candidates. Please vote for these candidates in 2024 to ensure Texas remains a Pro-Life state!

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