Texas Sonogram Law in full effect

This morning the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals released another favorable order regarding the Texas sonogram law.


Starting today, the State of Texas has the legal green light to disregard the block placed on the law by anti-Life Judge Sparks.  The State of Texas also has the complete right to inform all licensed physicians in Texas of the new legal requirement to perform and display a Sonogram image for each mother to see before committing an elective abortion.  The abortionist must also describe the sonogram image, and play the audio of the fetal heartbeat for the mother to hear.


The court granted the State’s motion to issue the mandate forthwith, meaning that the sonogram law is in force, effective immediately, without any further motions or orders from either the lower federal court or the Court of Appeals.


This order is a triumph for women and the unborn.  The sonogram law was passed overwhelmingly by the 82ndLegislature, because Texan women deserve to receive accurate medical information from all physicians.  When women are given all the pertinent medical information they need to make a truly informed decision regarding their pregnancies, they will more likely choose Life. 

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