Bob Hall readies for work as Pro-Life Senator

Radio ads released by Texas Right to Life in Senate District 2 feature Senator-elect Bob Hall thanking Pro-Life, pro-liberty Texans for being the driving force behind his election win.

Hall, of Canton, Texas defeated a long-seated incumbent to secure the win. As a vocal advocate for the preborn, as well as elderly, infirm, and disabled Texans, Bob Hall is readying to be a strong voice for Pro-Life measures in the Texas Senate.

Thankful for the opportunity to serve, Hall addresses Senate District 2 in the recent ad:

I want to thank all those who voters in Senate District 2 who helped me win the recent primary.

Your vote, your voice, and your prayers helped me cross the finish line. This battle was not easy, and I am so honored that you voted for me to represent your values, which are my values, in the Texas Senate.

I am eager to work on our Pro-Life, pro-business agenda in Austin. My voice will be your voice.

Bob Hall has stated his excitement in serving the people of Senate District 2 and his desire to represent all Texans whose voices deserve to be heard.

Pro-Life Texans played a key role in advancing Hall’s success and Texas Right to Life was honored to help Bob Hall reach the finish line. His dedication to preserving Life at all stages will be a driving force in the Texas Senate.

Hall concluded in the radio spot:

Together, we’ll protect Life, liberty, property, and all that matters to Texans. 

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