Texas Under Attack: Abortion Advocates Push Federal Legislation to Override Pro-Life laws

Pro-Life Texans have become thoroughly rooted as the burr in the boot of the abortion cheerleaders on the Left. Tuesday’s hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee proved just that.

Because the abortion industry’s efforts to terminate Texas’ Life-affirming law have fallen flat in the court system, they have turned to the federal government to protect their radical agenda. Anti-Life advocates in the United States Senate have filed S.1696, a direct attack targeting Pro-Life states passing increased protections for women and preborn children, with Texas sitting on the bull’s eye.

Texas law, HB 2, was paraded front and center of the Judiciary Committee to be mocked and chastised by abortion extremists in Congress. The Lone Star State’s offence?  Texas’ leading of a charge to protect preborn babies who feel the pain of dismemberment during abortion and the upsurge of increased health and safety standards to shield women from the predatory abortion industry.

Congresswomen Judy Chu (D-CA) blasted Texas as being “hostile to abortion” and propped her state’s unmitigated access to abortion (over 200,000 deaths per year) as a model for the nation.  

Nancy Northup, President of the NY Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), lamented heavily on Texas’ HB 2:

The road blocks keep coming. A year ago, Texas passed a sweeping set of restrictions to devastating effect. At least one third of that state’s clinics have been forced to stop providing abortion care. There is no clinic left in the Rio Grande Valley… If the final requirement of Texas’ restrictions is allowed to go into effect in September, the number of clinics will plummet to less than ten to serve a sprawling state of over 260,000 square miles and 13 million women.

What Northup failed to divulge in her tirade against Texas’ law, is her group’s failure to topple the historic bill. In her testimony, she called Texas’ law “unwarranted and unfair” and accused the Texas State Legislature of deceiving citizens despite the overwhelming majority of Texans who support the laws.

Though based in New York, the CRR has sued two major Pro-Life laws passed in Texas in the last four years. Each attempt has been slapped down by the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Passed with bi-partisan support, Texas’ 2011 landmark Sonogram Law and certain elements of the historic 2013 omnibus bill have been upheld and declared constitutional, much to the chagrin of Northup and her ilk. A third attempt to bring down the remaining provision of HB 2 will play out again in federal court in August.

Since these abortioneers know they cannot beat Texas in court, they have resulted to using federal pressure to supersede the will of Texans.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that states have both the right and authority to regulate abortion in the interest of protecting and preserving human Life in the 1992 decision of Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Yet, Senate Democrats are choosing to ignore the precedent and are looking to resurrect their false “war on women” narrative to punish Texas and other Pro-Life states for not buying their tired abortion without limits rhetoric.

Texans overwhelmed the State Capitol last summer in support of these Pro-Life measures. The federal government’s attempt to override Texas laws undermines the rights of preborn children as well as the will and values of Life-loving Texans who seek to protect them. 

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