Texas Right to Life PAC announces endorsements in key races

The Political Action Committee for Texas Right to Life, the oldest and largest statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas, announced endorsements in several key legislative races across the state for the March 2018 Primary Election.

“With the retirement of liberal Joe Straus and anti-Life Byron Cook, the upcoming primary election presents unprecedented opportunities for Texas voters to strengthen our Pro-Life representation in our state government,” Elizabeth Graham said.  “A record number of solid, Pro-Life candidates have committed to stand for Life and to dismantle the liberal and lukewarm establishment in Austin, and Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee proudly supports them.”

Many of the incumbent legislators failed to protect unborn children with disabilities in some pivotal votes during the 85th Sessions of the Texas Legislature.  Texas Right to Life only allows an exception to abortion when the life of the mother is endangered by the pregnancy itself, and we work to protect all unborn children, disabled and typical.  The votes on this matter have proven which legislators will stand for Life in all circumstances.

The following endorsements have been issued for candidates for the Texas House of Representatives:

  • Dr. Stuart Spitzer, challenging incumbent Lance Gooden for House District 4.
  • Marty Reid, also challenging incumbent Lance Gooden for House District 4.
  • Thomas McNutt, House District 8.
  • Danny Ward, challenging incumbent Travis Clardy for House District 11.
  • Sarah Laningham, challenging incumbent John Raney for House District 14.
  • Emily Kebodeaux Cook, challenging incumbent Ernest Bailes for House District 18
  • Mayes Middleton, challenging incumbent Wayne Faircloth for House District 23.
  • Jay Wiley, challenging incumbent Paul Workman for House District 47.
  • Jeremy Story, House District 52.
  • Brandon Hall, challenging incumbent Hugh Shine for House District 55.
  • Chris Evans, challenging incumbent J.D. Sheffield for House District 59.
  • Drew Brassfield, challenging incumbent Four Price for House District 87.
  • Jason Huddleston, challenging incumbent Ken King for House District 88.
  • Bo French, challenging incumbent Charlie Geren for House District 99.
  • Jared Patterson, House District 106 (open seat).
  • Jonathan Boos, House District 113 (open seat).
  • Chris Fails, challenging incumbent Lyle Larson for House District 122.
  • Susanna Dokupil, challenging incumbent Sarah Davis for House District 134.

The following endorsements have been issued for candidates for the Texas Senate:

  • Representative Pat Fallon, challenging incumbent Craig Estes in Senate District 30.
  • Mike Canon, challenging incumbent Kel Seliger in Senate District 31.
  • Victor Leal, also challenging incumbent Kel Seliger in Senate District 31.

Texas Right to Life PAC had previously announced the endorsement of Representative Steve Toth, who is running to fill the seat vacated by Mark Keough in House District 15.  Keough has also been endorsed in his race for Montgomery County Judge.  After the end of the 2017 Special Session of the 85th Texas Legislature, Texas Right to Life PAC announced endorsements for the following incumbents:

  • Senator Bob Hall, Senate District 2
  • Senator Brandon Creighton, Senate District 4
  • Senator Paul Bettencourt, Senate District 7
  • Senator Kelly Hancock, Senate District 9
  • Senator Konni Burton, Senate District 10
  • Senator Don Huffines, Senate District 16
  • Representative Cecil Bell, Jr., House District 3
  • Representative Cole Hefner, House District 5
  • Representative Matt Schaefer, House District 6
  • Representative Will Metcalf, House District 16
  • Representative James White, House District 19
  • Representative Dade Phelan, House District 21
  • Representative Greg Bonnen, MD, House District 24
  • Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson, House District 56
  • Representative Mike Lang, House District 60
  • Representative Tan Parker, House District 63
  • Representative Matt Shaheen, House District 66
  • Representative Jeff Leach, House District 67
  • Representative Drew Springer, House District 68
  • Representative James Frank, House District 69
  • Representative Scott Sanford, House District 70
  • Representative Kyle Biedermann, House District 73
  • Representative Dustin Burrows, House District 83
  • Representative Phil Stephenson, House District 85
  • Representative John Smithee, House District 86
  • Representative Stephanie Klick, House District 91
  • Representative Jonathan Stickland, House District 92
  • Representative Matt Krause, House District 93
  • Representative Tony Tinderholt, House District 94
  • Representative Bill Zedler, House District 96
  • Representative Craig Goldman, House District 97
  • Representative Morgan Meyer, House District 108
  • Representative Matt Rinaldi, House District 115
  • Representative Briscoe Cain, House District 128
  • Representative Tom Oliverson, MD, House District 130
  • Representative Mike Schofield, House District 132
  • Representative Jim Murphy, House District 133
  • Representative Dwayne Bohac, House District 138
  • Representative Valoree Swanson, House District 150

Texas Right to Life PAC will continue to release endorsements in races at all levels across the state.

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