Anti-Life Democrats look to take over The Woodlands Township

The Democratic Party struggles in Texas.  They haven’t elected a Democrat to any statewide office in nearly a generation, and couldn’t even hold Wendy Davis’ Senate seat after her campaign against Greg Abbott ended in historic failure.

The Democrats are aware and fighting.  In 2015, they began implementation of “Project L.I.F.T.,” which stands for Local Investment in the Future of Texas.  The goal of L.I.F.T. is to elect Democrats to nonpartisan local offices, where as elected officials they can implement Democrat policies at a level voters often do not pay attention.  Meanwhile, these locally-elected Democrats build a political resume that can propel them to a higher office.  By this key strategy, as little fish in the political pond eventually become big fish, the Democrats work to turn Texas blue.

The Woodlands is solidly Republican.  However, if Pro-Life Republican voters do not turn out to the polls today to vote for Laura Fillault for the Township Board, the Democrats will be able to plant a huge flag in The Woodlands to help their efforts across Texas.

Fillault’s opponent is liberal Democrat Carol Stromatt.  She is a precinct chairman for the Democratic Party in The Woodlands, and was once the Director of the Lone Star Democratic Club in Montgomery County.  Over the past ten years, she has donated more than $8,000 to the Montgomery County Democratic Executive Committee, as well as to Wendy Davis, ActBlue, Battleground Texas, the Progressive Turnout Project, and Annie’s List, an organization that endorses only “progressive,” anti-Life women who believe in abortion on demand.  Stromatt was a regular donor to Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential election, and marched with other leftists against Donald Trump’s inauguration, urging the Electoral College to “vote their conscience.”

Stromatt also actively supported The Woodlands Parkway extension project, which would turn the parkway into a major county thoroughfare, cutting The Woodlands in two and flooding the streets with more traffic.  Support for this project reveals her big-spending views on national, state, and local issues.

Laura Fillault is a staunch, Pro-Life conservative who led the fight against The Woodlands Parkway extension and has been a strong voice on the Township board for fiscal responsibility.

Turnout so far across the state has been anemic.  Less than 2% of voters statewide have been to the polls, and many may not even know there is an election.  The same is true for The Woodlands, where as of Friday, November 3, only about 2,000 votes have been cast.  There are 23 voting precincts in The Woodlands.  If only one precinct turned out all of their November 2016 Democrat voters – Precinct 3, for instance, which had 1,055 votes for Hillary Clinton – Carol Stromatt would win the race.

Pro-Life voters cannot let an anti-Life Democrat slide into office due to voter apathy.  Democrats are turning out to vote in droves because of this chance for a win at the local level.

If you have not voted, go vote.  Tell your friends and neighbors to vote.

To find your voting precinct, click here.  If you live in Creekside, find your voting precinct here.

Polls are open until 7:00 p.m.

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