Radical pro-abortion group EMILY’s list endorses three Democrats in swing districts

Radical pro-abortion political action committee EMILY’s List recently announced their endorsements of several first-term Democratic incumbents in the Texas House of Representatives. This list includes state representatives from many hotly contested swing districts such as Erin Zwiener (San Marcos, House District 45), Vikki Goodwin (Austin, House District 47), and Gina Calanni (Houston, House District 132). All three freshmen Democrat incumbents received a 0% on the Pro-Life Scorecard for the 2019 legislative session, and demonstrated that they belong to the most radical pro-abortion wing of their party.

In 2019, Zwiener, Goodwin, and Calanni each:

-Went out of their way to record their opposition to Pro-Life amendments that never came up for a vote;
-Voted against an amendment that would add a safeguard for patients in danger of having their life-sustaining treatment forcibly removed by socialist death panels;
-Voted in favor of taxpayer-funded abortions; and
-Refused to support basic protections and medical care for children who survive an attempted abortion.

EMILY’s List – which stands for “Early Money Is Like Yeast” – is a group dedicated to electing anti-Life women to office, whose founding members included former Texas Governor Ann Richards. Nationwide, they have supported candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Ilhan Omar. In the 2020 presidential election, they endorsed Elizabeth Warren.

Thankfully, voters have a chance to reject groups like EMILY’s List and the candidates they support in November, as three Pro-Life Republicans endorsed by Texas Right to Life are running against these candidates. Carrie Isaac is running to defeat Erin Zwiener, whose district covers Hays and Blanco Counties. Isaac is the wife of former state representative Jason Isaac, and has a long history of involvement in the Pro-Life movement. To defeat Zwiener, Isaac must first defeat her opponent in the Republican primary runoff set to take place on July 14.

Jennifer Fleck is running to defeat Vikki Goodwin, whose district covers west and south Travis County. Fleck is a formidable campaigner with a long history of Pro-Life and pro-family activism. To defeat Goodwin, Fleck must also first defeat her opponent in the Republican primary runoff set to take place on July 14.

Mike Schofield is running to defeat Gina Calanni, whose district covers parts of western Harris County. Calanni narrowly defeated Schofield in 2018, who was running for his third term as state representative. While in office, Schofield proved himself to be ardently Pro-Life and very adept at the legislative process. Pro-Life advocates like you can feel more confident that your values will be represented with Schofield in the Capitol.

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans disagree with the stances taken by these Democrats. You can defeat these anti-Life Democrats and help elect strong, Pro-Life advocates in their place.

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