Jennifer Fleck is the proven Pro-Life conservative for HD 47

As it currently stands, Texas is only the 17th most Pro-Life state in the country. Pro-abortion Democrats and apathetic to hostile Republicans frustrate the agenda of Pro-Life Texans at every turn, ensuring the Lone Star State slips further in the rankings of Pro-Life states. Their continual obstruction must be rejected, and only courageous and passionate Pro-Life conservatives can sufficiently negate the harm anti-Life forces perpetrate in the Capitol. Texas Right to Life endorsed candidate Jennifer Fleck, a Republican running for House District 47, is confronting those forces on the campaign trail as she undoubtedly will in the Capitol.

Jennifer Fleck’s political activism and strong campaign indicate she is well suited for the task of fighting for Pro-Life victories. In a crowded primary, Jennifer easily secured the most votes of any candidate, nearly capturing one-third of the electorate. Throughout the campaign, she has outworked her opponents, meeting face to face with voters and other conservative activists alike. Conviction and purpose alone do not equate to life-saving victories in the Capitol. Determination similar to Jennifer’s is an essential element in saving preborn children and vulnerable Texas patients.

Adding to Jennifer’s determination is her experience as a conservative activist. Having spent 4 years as a Republican precinct chair, Jennifer has personally worked to advance the conservative movement in her community. More recently, she has worked as an advocate for parental rights, working to protect families and children from the harms of a Leftist social agenda. As a grassroots activist, Jennifer has clearly articulated her belief in defending the preborn as a top priority.

Contra Jennifer Fleck and her commitment to conservative principles, her opponent, Justin Berry, is running a campaign that is animated by the nefarious forces of the Austin establishment. Berry never sought Texas Right to Life’s endorsement. Moreover, Berry’s political consultant is the notorious Murphy Nasica, a firm that protects the interests of the Austin establishment. Murphy Nasica has an entrenched reputation of covering for weak Republicans who often vote in favor of abortion. Any association with Murphy Nasica yields considerable suspicion. Justin Berry’s involvement with them should raise alarms.

States like Louisiana, Missouri, and Alabama are leading the Pro-Life movement by passing sweeping protections for preborn children. Simultaneously, Texas has stood silent by refusing to pass significant Pro-Life legislation, resulting in the State plummeting down the Pro-Life rankings of states. The principal occasion for this failure is tepid Republicans who cowardly betray the most vulnerable among us. Only conservatives with a proven history of Pro-Life activism will reverse Texas’ course. In House District 47, Jennifer Fleck is that candidate. Vote for her on July 14.

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