Elect a real Pro-Life judge, Reeve Jackson, for 114th District Court in Smith County

The judiciary is commonly conceived as a kind of super-legislature, a tribunal of omniscient individuals in black robes who render moral truths and legal norms from their high place on the bench. Legislative bodies pass laws, executive agencies enforce rules, and then the public waits for the expert opinions of society’s ultimate arbiters. Clearly, our judicial branch is broken, warped by politics belonging properly to our other branches of government. Sadly, preborn children have been most affected by the political judiciary. That’s also exactly why we need judges like Austin Reeve Jackson, who’s running for the 114th District Court in Smith County.

Reeve Jackson brings with him the experience needed to navigate the convoluted issues that arise before a trial court. His community involvement, Republican Party grassroots activism, and legal career in criminal law make him the perfect candidate for the role he is seeking. Even more important is his commitment to Pro-Life values.

Activist judges thrust the injustice of elective abortion across our nation. Their radical political ideologies became their constitutional interpretations, and the most vulnerable of our society have paid the deadly consequences. This monstrous thinking has not been confined to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Lower courts have adopted the tainted precedent of “constitutional” elective abortion from the SCOTUS. The unenumerated “right” to abortion has frequently been viewed as a higher right than the freedom of speech or free exercise of religion. This can even present problems in a state like Texas.

Because he is seeking a spot on a state district court, Reeve Jackson is not being appointed. He, like all judges in the state judiciary, must run a political campaign. Nonetheless, he understands his legitimate responsibility as a judge: interpret statutes and the Texas and U.S. Constitutions as they were written. Included in this understanding is the acknowledgment that abortion is neither a constitutional, statutory, nor moral right.

Reeve Jackson’s Pro-Life beliefs, consonant to a proper interpretation of the Constitution, have real implications for his role as a state district judge. Challenges to Pro-Life laws may fall before his court. For example, minors trying to circumvent parental consent to abortion through the judicial bypass process may come before his court. Challenges to the unprecedented, unethical, and unconstitutional 10-Day Rule may also come before him, which is crucial as his Pro-Life beliefs extend to natural death. Our state needs judges who are Pro-Life and adhere to a proper understanding of the Constitution. Reeve easily satisfies both criteria.

Our courts are politically charged, not in small part due to their rulings on Pro-Life laws. The Pro-Life movement has a rightful frustration with the courts. A judicial decision furnished nationwide legal abortion. Only a judicial decision will countermand this grave injustice. We need Pro-Life judges to fulfill this role. Fortunately, Reeve Jackson is running for the 114th District Court in Smith County. Vote for him on July 14.

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