Election results finalized: Pro-Life movement in Texas stronger than ever

During this primary election season, Texas Right to Life PAC was actively involved in more races than ever in our past.  Our Pro-Life majorities in our State Senate and our State House are now stronger than ever, and we are so grateful for your Pro-Life votes to send our champ incumbents back to Austin with new men and women to help pass new protections on Life.  

We celebrate some decisive victories including:

  • Dallas businessman and Pro-Life champ Don Huffines winning in Senate District 16.

  • Pro-Life warriors, Representatives Charles Perry, Matt Schaefer, and Jonathan Stickland handily defeated their establishment-backed, moderate challengers in HD 83, 6, and 92, respectively.

  • Long-time Pro-Life activists Matt Rinaldi and Molly White defeated establishment-backed, moderate incumbents.

  • Attorney General Greg Abbott set a record for the number of primary votes cast in a Republican Primary for his bid to be the nominee for Governor.

  • George P. Bush will fill the vacant Land Commissioner seat.

  • An incumbent senator who worked to expand euthanasia now faces a run-off election by Texas Right to Life endorsed challenger Bob Hall in Senate District 2.

All of Texas' stalwart, Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices who were on the ballot were triumphant in their re-election bids.    

And the campaigning continues for a few more months for these important candidates who made the run-off:

  • Pro-Life champ, and author of the senate version of the Pro-Life omnibus bill, Glenn Hegar will be in the run-off for Comptroller.

  • In Senate District 2, Bob Hall has pushed the 14-year incumbent into a run-off.

  • Former State Representatives Sid Miller and Wayne Christian are still in the running for Agriculture Commissioner and Railroad Commissioner, respectively.

  • Ted Seago (HD 16) and Matt Shaheen (HD 66), ardent defenders of Life, face run-off elections.

  • Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is in the run-off to win re-election.

These election results show that voters are not willing to settle for Pro-Life talking points, but the majority of Texans only want fully committed, passionate Pro-Life leaders to represent them.

Together we stand for Life and vote Pro-Life.


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