Abortionist proudly agrees on Twitter that she murders babies

On March 10, anti-Life forces celebrated the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.  Abortion advocates took to social media to thank abortionists for killing the millions of preborn children who are deemed “unwanted” before birth.  Some abortionists responded to the fawning praises by echoing the lie that their work is essential to women’s “health” and well-being.

One abortionist, Leah Torres, went so far as to correct a Pro-Lifer who said that abortion is a “life-ending procedure,” modifying the Pro-Lifer’s tweet to say “FIFY [fixed it for ya] abortion is a life-saving procedure.”  Torres went on to state that this exchange (between her and the Pro-Lifer) “demonstrates very clearly whose priorities are where in abortion discourses.”

More accurately, the exchange demonstrates that prioritizing mother and child plays no role in abortion “care” at all.  After all, how can an abortionist claim to care for either Life – mother or child—when her job is to directly kill one of them?

We might expect abortionists faced with the accusation that they murder human beings to deny that fact or to state that their victims are not really alive, or simply to ignore the truth stated by Pro-Lifers.  But not Leah Torres – she embraces the fact that her job is to murder children, responding to the Pro-Life statement that “murdering babies is not healthcare” with the statement that “it is.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Read my TL. It is. That&#39;s that. “<a href="https://twitter.com/stanmcintire">@stanmcintire</a>: <a href="https://twitter.com/LNEnriquez">@LNEnriquez</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/thirtyone_8">@thirtyone_8</a> Murdering babies IS NOT &quot;healthcare.&quot; Just the opposite.”</p>&mdash; Leah Torres, MD (@LeahNTorres) <a href="https://twitter.com/LeahNTorres/status/576857748958154752">March 14, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Another tweeter shared a gruesome photo of an aborted baby with Torres on Twitter, and the abortionist coldly retorted by comparing her abortion victims to cadavers, stating that she could produce pictures from anatomy class, and  "those are yucky, too."  However, cadavers, unlike Torres’ victims, had a chance to live outside the womb without someone interrupting their gestation to rip them limb from limb.  

In spite of her candidness about the gruesomeness of abortion, Torres is staunchly cemented to her rhetoric that committing abortion is a way to respect pregnant people.  There have been other instances where these bewildering contradictions coexisted in the minds of abortionists of yesteryear.  James T. McMahon, for example, stated in 1993:

If I see a case…after twenty weeks, where it frankly is a child to me, I really agonize over it because the potential is so imminently there…On the other hand, I have another position, which I think is superior in the hierarchy of questions, and that is “who owns this child?”  It’s got to be the mother.

And abortionist Neville Sender, who stated in 1981: “We know that it’s killing, but the state permits killing under certain circumstances.”

In 1976, abortionist John Szenes was quoted saying that abortionsts had to “become a bit schizophrenic” in order to commit abortions.  Szenes shared that when saline solution is injected into the uterus in order to burn the baby to death from the inside out, one could see the baby kicking violently.  “[T]hat’s to all intents and purposes, the death trauma… somebody has to do it, and unfortunately we are the executioners in this instance[.]”  Leah Torres seems to share Szenes’ belief that “somebody has to do it.” 

Killing a baby is never necessary.  Keeping Texas #ProLifeStrong protects vulnerable mothers from the lie that a child must die so that they can live a full life. 

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