Runoff election in SD 19 finally offers opportunity for Pro-Life representation

With the final results posted for the July 31 emergency special election for Senate District 19, Republican Peter Flores finished in first place, securing his spot in the upcoming Runoff Election.  Flores’ advancement promises Pro-Life Republicans the chance at securing yet another spot in the State Senate this election cycle. Flores obtained the plurality of votes, with Democrat Pete Gallego coming in second.  Both Flores and Gallego defeated Democrat Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio), a current radical member of the Texas House who consistently earns a 0% on the Pro-Life Scorecard for his pro-abortion votes. SD 19 held the emergency special election to fill the remaining two years of the term of Carlos Uresti, the State Senator who vacated his seat after being convicted of multiple felonies for which he was sentenced to twelve years in federal prison.

SD 19 voters showed how they are exhausted of the anti-Life and corrupt policies of Democrats, giving the highest election day voting turnout to Flores.  Peter Flores has been living out his Pro-Life convictions since before he decided to run for office which, coupled with his extensive experience in public service, will set him up to immediately begin providing effective Pro-Life representation for the district.  The same cannot be said for his challenger.

Democrat Pete Gallego has an abhorrent voting record on Life issues.  Gallego was a member of the Texas House of Representatives and served one term in Congress before his defeat at the hands of Republican Congressman Will Hurd (TX-23).  Gallego repeatedly voted against sensible Pro-Life measures, including voting against prohibiting taxpayer funding of the abortion industry. He also voted against the federal Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would have protected preborn children from abortion at 20-weeks fertilization due to the scientific evidence that children at this stage of development are capable of feeling pain.  Though he is framing himself as the moderate Democrat in this race, Gallego’s voting record indicates he is anything but moderate on abortion. And now he wants to take his radical abortion support to the Texas State Senate.

For too long the Pro-Life values of SD 19 voters have been ignored.  Now is a unique opportunity to gain true Pro-Life representation by electing the first Republican Pro-Life Senator from SD 19.  Texas Right to Life was the first prominent organization to endorse Peter Flores, breaking down the door for other Texas Republican leaders to support him.  But the work is not yet finished. There is one more election for SD 19 voters to make their voices heard in defeating the Democrats and securing one more Pro-Life Senate seat.  Onlookers expect the runoff election sometime this fall.

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