Pro-Life Wins in the Texas Primary Election 2018

In Tuesday’s Primary Election, Texans voted decisively for Life.  After the hard-won victories of the 2017 Legislative Session, Texas Right to Life worked to ensure Pro-Life gains in the next legislative session by holding all Legislators accountable and supporting strong candidates.  Pro-Life Texans responded.  Anti-Life moderates from the Texas Establishment suffered crushing defeat in several key races, and strong conservatives defended against Primary challengers or claimed the nomination for empty seats.

After the retirement of disgraced Speaker of the Texas House, Republican-In-Name-Only Joe Straus, and his crony, Byron Cook, all eyes were on the Texas House.  Led by the House Freedom Caucus, Pro-Life Texans had an opportunity for significant gains.  The four House Freedom Caucus Members facing primary challengers overwhelmingly defended their seats.  These included Representatives Matt Schaefer (R- Tyler), Mike Lang (R- Granbury), Kyle Biedermann (R- Fredericksburg), and Valoree Swanson (R- Spring).  Moderates Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) and Wayne Faircloth (R- Galveston) lost to Lisa Luby Ryan and Mayes Middleton, respectively.  In several House races, strong conservatives and potential Freedom Caucus Members earned victory, including Steve Toth, Jared Patterson, and Jonathan Boos.

In more good news, six additional Pro-Life conservatives in State House races are going to the May Runoff election to compete to advance to the November General Election.

In the Texas Senate, the conservative, Pro-Life majority defended against Primary challengers and added Pro-Life champions to the ballot in November.  Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidate Pat Fallon defeated moderate incumbent Craig Estes (R- Wichita Falls).  Proven Pro-Life conservative Senator Bob Hall (R- Edgewood) defended against a vicious attack by Cindy Burkett (R-Sunnyvale), a moderate from Straus’ Leadership circle, who was sent to infiltrate Dan Patrick’s conservative chamber.  Yet again, Senate District 2 voters picked Bob Hall over a moderate RINO with a history of subverting the Pro-Life movement.

Texans voted for numerous strong, Pro-Life candidates in the judiciary as well, including Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidates Michelle Slaughter, Terry Yates, and Erin Swanson, just to name a few.

In the Republican Primary for United States Congress, Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidate Van Taylor won outright and four others garnered enough support in crowded races to advance to the Runoff Election for open seats.

Unsurprisingly, United States Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, all committed Pro-Life leaders, defended their seats against attacks from the left and will move to the General Election with uncompromising support from the Pro-Life movement.

The results of the March 6 Primary confirm that Texans will not stand for “business-as-usual” politics.  Incumbents can no longer rely on empty campaign promises but must face the consequences of their votes in Austin.  Pro-Life Texans are watching and electing committed conservatives to advance the Culture of Life in our state.

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