Lisa Luby Ryan: the Pro-Life Candidate for House District 114

Lisa Luby Ryan is running against liberal incumbent Jason Villalba in the upcoming March 2018 Republican Primary Election.  Lisa Luby Ryan offers a real Pro-Life alternative to the establishment incumbent who has achieved a lackluster record in representing Texas State House District 114 (North Dallas).

Ryan is ardently Pro-Life and has already withstood pressure to quiet her Pro-Life passion; thus, she is well-practiced in standing up to political pressure.  Her convictions are not mere theory or slogans she spouts on the campaign trail.  Voters in North Dallas can be confident that her Pro-Life stance will remain steadfast because her beliefs are woven into her own personal journey.  In the videos linked below, Lisa Luby Ryan is public about the difficulty of her upbringing and the mistakes from her past, along with her touching conversion.

700 club video: “Lisa Luby Ryan: Secret Sins Forgiven”

Ryan explains that she was a repeated victim of sexual assault throughout her childhood.  As a senior in high school, she became pregnant.  Her mother drove Ryan and her boyfriend to Boston and coerced her into an abortion, which was never discussed by her mother and her again.  Due to the guilt and shame she already carried, Ryan eventually chose abortion two more times.  In working through the process of healing, she ultimately admitted the secret she had kept hidden for so long.  She was finally able to let go of past guilt and shame and experience restoration as the person God created her to be.

Conversely, throughout his six years in Austin, incumbent Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) has increasingly wavered on Pro-Life principles.  In the 2015 84th Session of the Texas Legislature, he coauthored anti-Life House Bill 2351, which would have expanded the authority of Texas hospitals to withhold life-sustaining treatment from a patient due to his or her disability.  In the 2017 85th Session of the Legislature, Villalba went a step further and actually authored an anti-Life bill himself.  That Orwellian mandate legislation was recognized in a capitol feature called “Bad Bill of the Week” and eventually died in committee.  Villalba, however, took another stand against Life during the 85th Session by refusing to protect preborn babies diagnosed with disabilities from late-term abortion (RV #1391, Amendment 22 to Senate Bill 8).  By joining Democrats and other moderate Republicans in voting against this amendment protecting preborn babies with disabilities, this dangerous loophole remains in place.

Lisa Luby Ryan is outspokenly Pro-Life, and will be a powerful and uncompromising voice for Life in the Texas Legislature.  She has lived enough of her life in a blur of secrets and deceit that she now prioritizes living with truth and transparency, both as a spokeswoman and in her private life.  Villalba prioritizes politics over policy as an incumbent whereas Lisa Luby Ryan draws from her past to defend, educate, and advocate on behalf of all vulnerable Texans.

Paid political ad by Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee.

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