Lang achieves important Pro-Life victory

During the 2016 election cycle, Texas Right to Life strongly supported Mike Lang for election to House District 60.  During the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, Texas Right to Life’s choice clearly paid off.

Representative Lang (R-Granbury) has proven to be a committed Pro-Life champion both on the Texas House floor and in shaping strategy behind-the-scenes.  Both Representative Lang and his Capitol staff, led by chief of staff Zach Maxwell, are always searching for opportunities to protect innocent human Life, calling often on Texas Right to Life, looking for ways to help.

During the budget debate in the middle of April, conservative members of the Texas House, including Representative Lang, called for an end to taxpayer funding of abortion facilities and affiliates, and for an increase in the amount allotted to the Alternatives to Abortion program.  The Alternatives to Abortion program provides assistance to a wide network of maternity homes, pregnancy centers, and adoption agencies across Texas; the program is truly a pro-woman, pro-child, and Pro-Life solution to unexpected pregnancies in Texas.

After the amendments were successful in the Texas House of Representatives, a process known as “Conference Committee” was required.  The conference committee allows the Senate and House to reconcile their respective versions of the budget into one bill; the Senate and House each appoint five members to the committee.

An important tool in the budget process is called Motions to Instruct.  A motion to instruct tells the respective House conference committee members what policies the House as a body wants the House conferees to prioritize during negotiations in the conference committee.

Representative Lang boldly and eagerly authored a Motion to Instruct directing House conferee members (who are not known as staunch Pro-Life supporters) to keep the increase for Alternatives to Abortion program in the state’s final budget.  Lang’s motion passed overwhelmingly.

Representative Lang’s willingness to offer such a high-profile amendment as a freshman legislator shows the conviction and courage needed of a true statesman.  Texas Right to Life looks forward to working with Representative Lang for many sessions to come.

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