Pro-Life writer: Time for Cecile Richards to clean house or resign in the face of mounting scandal

This month’s shocking revelations about Planned Parenthood from the Center for Medical Progress have commanded the attention of the nation, and demanded the response of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, led by president Cecile Richards.  Richards, the daughter of former Texas governor Ann Richards, has headed the abortion behemoth for nearly a decade.  With Richards at the helm of the organization, Planned Parenthood has been caught over and over again breaking the law in states across the country.

Most recently, two high-ranking Planned Parenthood abortionists were caught on camera admitting that illegal – even felonious – activities relating to fetal body part harvesting are part of day-to-day operations at Planned Parenthood.  The organization has launched desperate efforts to save their reputation and retain the more than half a billion dollars they receive from unwitting taxpayers on an annual basis.  But their efforts – not only to save face, but also to prove that accusations of wrongdoing were, in fact, a misunderstanding – have left Planned Parenthood’s leader deflated and grasping at straws.

In short: America is no longer buying Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric; the truth is too deeply embedded for the organization to regain the image that has, up until now, been rooted in the PP-orchestrated ignorance of the American people.  And Cecile Richards appears cognizant of that fact, as with cracking voice and nervous composure she attempts over and over again to derail a conversation about Planned Parenthood’s wrongdoing with George Stephanopoulos.  She seems to have no substantive response to offer that would assuage public outrage over the fact that Planned Parenthood dissects dead human beings and ships their parts to for-profit research companies.

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Last week, in light of Planned Parenthood’s epic failure to explain away the brutality that happens on their abortion tables, a Pro-Life leader called for the resignation of Cecile Richards, unless she can “clean house” and remake Planned Parenthood into the “women’s health” organization that they so earnestly paint themselves as.  The following statement comes from LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief and Rome Life Forum founder John-Henry Westen:

In 2014, Planned Parenthood ended the lives of one of every 16 unborn girls in America. Now, CMP is showing that senior Planned Parenthood officials have no problem breaking contracts with women whose children they are aborting, and have no problem eating high-priced meals while haggling over the price of how to sell unborn baby parts and tissue.

In this new video, Mary Gatter jokes about getting a Lambhorgini off of the profits from fetal sales, and using "less crunchy techniques" to get fetal parts out of women.

Cecile Richards clearly has no control over what her subordinates are doing. It’s time for her to clean house, or resign in the face of these scandals.  

Planned Parenthood has had their last hurrah.  The organization is going down, and they know this to be true.  The question now seems to be how much taxpayer funding they can retain, and how much of the dying public support they can lap up while the ship sinks.  Planned Parenthood will not return from the Center for Medical Progress’ reports unscathed.  Permanent damage has already been done, and Cecile Richards should consider bowing out before everything goes up in smoke.

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