Alabama abortion center closes permanently; Texas may soon follow suit

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With only a handful of days remaining for Alabama to meet newly enacted state licensing requirements, an abortion center in Huntsville voluntarily surrendered its license; closing up shop permanently.

Last Tuesday, Alabama Women’s Center staff informed state officials that the abortion center was unable to adhere to the final requirement outlined under ambulatory health care standards, because it would be too expensive to revamp the entire facility. The new law is meant to bring abortion centers up to code with other surgical treatment facilities. The deadline is set for today, July 1.

While plans to erect another facilityacross from a nearby middle school have been submitted to the Alabama Department of Public Health, they have not been approved and there is no definite timeline as to when they might be given the green light.  

The fate of this abortion center may soon be mirrored by other killing centers in Texas. With a deadline of September 1, all abortion facilities in Texas are required to update current amenities to adhere to the standards of the Pro-Life omnibus bill, House Bill 2, passed last summer. Since the passing of the historic bill, Texas has seen more than a dozen centers close for resisting the various increased health and safety standards required by HB 2.

Alabama Women’s Center’s closure whittles the state down to just three remaining abortion facilities in Alabama.Reportedly, a total of 24 abortion centers nationwide have shutteredtheir doors so far this year.

Abortion advocates immediately cry foulwhen abortionists and the places where they commit abortions are held to expected health and safety standards that protect women. If the abortioneers were truly concerned about women’s health, they would relish in the increased protections demanded under the new law.

Their objections have never been out of concern for the care of or safeguards for women.  Abortion advocates object to how the new requirements affect the lucrative abortion business and the extreme agenda that continues to shove the abortion culture on every single American.

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