Sheffield: A Democrat in Republican Clothing

J.D. Sheffield lies about being a conservative Republican who represents central Texas values.  Just look at his record in Austin last year… this shows a legislator who often voted like a Democrat.  The numbers speak for themselves: 

Rice University Liberal-Conservative Ranking: After each legislative session, Rice University professor Dr. Mark Jones analyzes every vote and ranks members according to how conservative or liberal they are.  In 2019, J.D. Sheffield ranked 82nd out of 83 Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives, cementing his spot as the second most liberal Republican and ranking just above the only openly pro-abortion Republican in the Texas House.  This is Sheffield’s fourth time in a row to rank this low! His consistent ranking at the bottom of Republicans proves his campaign promises are nothing more than empty words.

The Fiscal Index by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility: J.D. Sheffield is rated 39% fiscally responsible, the fifth lowest score for a Republican.  Sheffield’s score is only 6% higher than Democrats, reflecting his anti-taxpayer votes regarding the size and role of government.  More often than not, Sheffield voted against your interests as a taxpayer.

Throughout the 86th Legislature last year, Sheffield voted against taxpayers like you nearly 100 times, which equates to nearly one vote each day to expand the size of government and decrease the money in your wallet.  Despite his rhetoric, Sheffield is no better than Democrats in his support for big government.

Texas Values’ Faith and Family Score: J.D. Sheffield ranks 75th out of 83 Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives in promoting faith and family.  He only scored 73%, siding against family values more than a quarter of the time. 

Sheffield consistently ignored bills that protect and promote values of faith, family, and freedom.  He chose not to co-author legislation protecting the religious freedom of individuals (House Bill 1035) and of institutions (HB 3172).  Likewise, Sheffield refused to co-author legislation protecting freedom of speech on college campuses (HB 2100), where conservative voices are often silenced by socialist administrators.

Texas Values determines to what extent a legislator throughout the session promoted faith, family, and freedom.  Sheffield’s score indicates he frequently abandoned family values and the principles of faith. Instead, he joined pro-abortion, anti-family Democrats who attack Christianity and assault your values.


These horrendous scores indicate that J.D. Sheffield is neither a fiscal nor a social conservative.  Yet, he thinks you, his voters, will ignore the mountain of evidence proving his liberal record and instead believe his campaign rhetoric.  Don’t let Sheffield lie to you. Vote him out of office on March 3 by voting for Pro-Life, conservative Republican Shelby Slawson! 

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