Replace radicalism with a Pro-Life advocate in SD 14

An Austin-area district has been under the control of a radical democrat who has been the voice of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Now, a strong Pro-Life Republican is vying to win the seat for Pro-Life people like you.

Don Zimmerman is a former Austin City Council member, and he is endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC in the race for Senate District 14. During his tenure governing the liberal stronghold, Don consistently resisted efforts to transform Austin into the abortion capital of the country, revealing the hypocrisies and inconsistencies staining the abortion-loving agenda of other council members.

Since leaving public office, Don Zimmerman has continued to fight for preborn children in his city. After the Austin mayor and city council undermined Texas’s effort to block state and local taxpayer dollars from fueling the abortion industry, Don sued the city to protect preborn children and Pro-Life taxpayers like you. The City of Austin allotted $150,000 local tax dollars to assist women in obtaining elective abortions. Don already has proven his resolve to defend your Pro-Life values.

Kirk Watson, the person whom Don Zimmerman seeks to replace, has consistently earned 0% on the Pro-Life Scorecard. Such an abysmal quantitative record should be shocking to no one, as Watson is a vehement and vocal supporter of the right to kill innocent preborn children. His opposition to the value of human Life extends to vulnerable patients in Texas hospitals, as Watson has persistently refused to offer them even the most basic of Pro-Life protections.

Sadly, the two Democrats running to replace Watson are no better. Eddie Rodriguez’s (D-Austin) highest score on the Pro-Life Scorecard is a meager 2%, which he achieved only once as a state representative (his current role). More recently, he refused to vote for protections for babies born alive after failed abortions. His opponent and fellow Democrat, Sarah Eckhardt, the former Travis County judge, has been a vigorous proponent of taxpayer-funded abortion and an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood. She has even taken her radical activism to ridiculous ends, wearing clothes designed to look like genitalia. Pro-Life Texans must ensure neither candidate ends up in the Texas Senate.

Democrats have long vocalized their desire to turn Texas into California. Now, perhaps their most Californian seat is vulnerable, and Pro-Life Texans shouldn’t waste the prime opportunity to add another Republican to the state’s upper chamber. Don Zimmerman is a lifetime advocate for the Pro-Life movement. On July 14, send him to advocate for the voiceless in the Texas Senate.

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