Wendy Davis sells baby merchandise to raise money for her campaign

Wendy Davis is selling baby apparel on her website to raise money for her campaign.

Did that sink in?  Wendy Davis is selling onesies for babies, replete with her campaign slogans, to raise money for her gubernatorial bid.  The same Wendy Davis who fought belligerently against protecting pain-capable Texas babies susceptible to late-term abortions wants Texas parents to parade their babies around wearing her slogan across their bellies.

The move is nothing short of shameless, and Davis’ smirk in the background of the merchandise page eerily bespeaks the cruel irony of the situation.  Davis has exploited every conceivable method of fundraising for this narcissistic campaign race.  Since her shameful filibuster last June, anti-Life supporters have been lining up to pad the coffers of the abortion queen.  Initially, abortion proponents around the country were eager to contribute.

Davis doesn’t seem to have found the same enthusiasm among mainstream Texans, however, and as a result she has resorted to bizarre tactics, betraying her desperation in the face of Pro-Life Texas.  Even Hispanic Democrats want nothing to do with Davis’ despicable vision for the state, as we saw when they refused to vote for her in the democratic primary, choosing an unknown, Pro-Life Democrat over her.

One of the onesies even reads, “Generation Wendy / Texas Forever.”  Would that those children knew what it would mean to be a part of “Generation Wendy.”  Generation Wendy becoming reality would mean that decisions about their life and death would hang in the balance well into their mothers’ pregnancies.  Generation Wendy would mean that, even if they were developed enough to feel excruciating pain, they could be killed for the sake of their parents’ convenience.  And “Texas forever”?  How, exactly, is Texas supposed to last forever if pre-born Texans are being killed off before they are ever born?  No.  “Generation Wendy” would be the beginning of the end for Texas as we know it.

What is perhaps most disturbing about Davis selling baby merchandise is her callous and shameless disregard for her own actions, and her assumption that Texans will not hold her accountable for her past actions.  In reality, we do not stand unfazed by a woman who rallies for late-term abortion, and then raises campaign funds by selling baby merchandise.  Even a child would recognize the utter absence of logic in that sequence of actions. 

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