Texas teens use media to inspire a Culture of Life

When Conroe, Texas natives Daisy Baez, Jeremiah Velasco, and Christian Quincena learned of Montgomery County Right to Life’s Pro-Life video contest in February 2014, they knew this was an endeavor they wanted to pursue.

“Videography and being Pro-Life is something we've always been passionate about,” Quincena said.  “This video was so much fun to bring to life.”

The three friends set to work writing, producing, and editing the video to enter into the contest.  In their submission, Baez plays a young woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and afraid.  She asks a friend to obtain abortion pills to end the life of her preborn child.  However, before she can take the abortion-inducing medication, Baez’s character daydreams about what her life would be like with her child.  Ultimately, the young woman throws away the pills and chooses life.

Their video, entitled “Would You Take Action?” won first place in Montgomery County Right to Life’s video contest; therefore the teens became eligible to present their video at the National Right to Life convention held in Nashville, TN in June.

“Playing a pregnant woman was definitely out of my comfort zone, having to act like it was really happening to me, was actually really scary to think [about],” Baez said.  “I was always against abortion but playing the role of a girl who planned on abortion was something different to me.”

The teens were announced victorious and became the winners of the second annual National Right to Life video contest.

“It’s a blessing that we could share our video with people who are passionate about the same thing we’re passionate about,” said Velasco, the video’s editor.

The now college freshmen are planning to make another Pro-Life video once they settle into life at Texas A&M University in College Station.  Now that they have found their niche in the Pro-Life movement, Texas and the Pro-Life world can expect their passion for the dignity of life to inspire them further.

“We as humans were blessed with life from our parents and life is just a simple right that everyone deserves,” Quincena said.  “We shouldn't be able to decide the fate of someone else's life.”

Watch “Would You Take Action?” here.


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