Wendy Davis earns new title

Among Pro-Lifers, the fact that Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby fiercely target the impoverished and minorities is no secret.  The Guttmacher Institute (formerly the research arm of Planned Parenthood) readily reports that 1 in 4 women choosing abortions in Texas are Hispanic.  

Planned Parenthood strategically places abortion mills in minority neighborhoods to prey on the impoverished and minorities.  For example, the “mega” Planned Parenthood in south Houston is situated at the intersection of several low-income, minority neighborhoods, and Houston’s largest college campus.  The organization is ready at any moment to take advantage of the crisis felt by a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, especially when that crisis is compounded by the mother’s youth or poverty.   

Also no secret to Pro-Lifers is the fact that Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s notorious founder, believed in ethnic cleansing.  As a eugenicist, Sanger advocated racial purity, Adolph Hitler-style.  

Several years ago, Live Action Films conducted an undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood’s racist tendencies.  The results were shocking.  Planned Parenthood employees were caught on audio recordings accepting donations specifically earmarked for the purpose of exterminating black Americans.  “For whatever reason you desire including [disgusting racial prejudice], we will accept your money,” Planned Parenthood said.   

Unfortunately, the insidious cooperation of the mainstream media and increasingly disturbing semantics from the abortion movement conceal from most Americans the racism and minority-targeting that Planned Parenthood on which Planned Parenthood thrives.

Planned Parenthood’s sweetheart, Wendy Davis, was honored with a prestigious award from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in February.  Wendy Davis stood inside of the capitol for half a day and night arguing that businesses like Planned Parenthood should be allowed to continue the gruesome business of late-term abortion in Texas.  She argued for so-called physicians to retain the right to dismember the Latino population in utero, even when these babies can feel pain.  This zeal for abortion is the antithesis of compassion toward the races.   

Lest a Davis sympathizer cry foul at the assertion that Wendy Davis’ anti-Life stance is racist, biology had the final word on the matter long ago.  Science indicates that pre-born children have their own, unique DNA from the moment of fertilization, which means that pre-born children are Hispanic or white or black or some beautiful mixture from day 1 of fertilization.  And 1 in 4 of the pre-born children in the United States are the children of women who identify as Latina.  

Texas Right to Life did not stand silently as Wendy Davis, an advocate of Hispanic genocide, was awarded by certain members of LULAC for being “Ms. Internacional.”  A true representative of and advocate for the international community would ensure the safety of all races in their mother’s wombs.  In partnership with Latinos in Laredo, Texas Right to Life attended the event at which Ms. Davis was to be presented with this misguided award, and our voter education radio ads were airing in Spanish in the Laredo area at the time of the event.  In the words of event organizers in Laredo: We need to let others know Wendy Davis does not stand for Hispanics' best interest, nor will she be supported with our vote.

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