McAllen and Beaumont Abortuaries Close

The southeast Texas city of Beaumont has had at least one abortion center for the last 35 years; that number will be zero by the end of Friday.

Whole Woman’s Health, an abortion chain with five centers across Texas, announced Wednesday evening that it is closing two clinics: the Beaumont location and another facility in McAllen.

McAllen, the first facility opened in Texas after the Roe v. Wade decision, stopped committing abortions in November after House Bill 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, went into effect.  The abortionists there were unable to obtain privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.  On Wednesday Whole Women’s Health announced the center would be closing all together.   

The abortion chain cited its inability to adhere to new regulations enacted last fall; these regulations mandate all centers committing abortion to upgrade their facilities to match guidelines for ambulatory surgical centers.  The CEO of Whole Woman’s Health confirmed that the chain was unable to meet the September deadline of upgrading the centers; thus the centers will close. 

The only abortuary between Houston and Louisiana, Whole Woman’s Health, has received numerous citations from the state for the horrendous conditions of the facilities.  The chain could barely maintain lower regulations; no wonder they are unable to upgrade to ASC standards.

This news is on the heels of sweeping wins for Pro-Life conservatives in the primary election.  Texans voted their values, re-elected Pro-Life stalwarts, and ushered out many moderates who have proved their complacency on the issue.

Not even Wendy Davis was able to dodge her abortion stardom.  She lost half of Texas’ southern counties to a virtually unknown Pro-Life democrat.

Whole Woman’s Health is currently engaged in the lawsuit challenging the newly enacted HB2, which requires committers of abortion to adhere to higher health and safety standards.  Attorney General Abbott has vowed to defend the law and to heed the will of Texans to protect women and their preborn children. 


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