Website helps Texans navigate anti-Life insurance marketplace

A website created last year by the Charlotte Lozier Institute and the Family Research Council has been updated to reflect current provisions regarding abortion coverage in insurance plans on a state-by-state basis.  The website,, features a map of the U.S. with clickable states.  About half of the states are shown in green, representing the states that have enacted laws protecting taxpayers from funding abortion through their insurance premiums.  However, as reports, “the website reminds taxpayers that they still are paying federal taxes that are used to pay for abortion coverage in states that include abortion in their health insurance plans.”

So, while residents of many states nationwide can enroll in wide array of insurance plans without anxiety about funding the medical costs of abortion in the process, the rest of us – Texans included – must exert due diligence in researching our options prior to enrollment to ensure that our monthly premium does not fund abortion.  Although Texas has pioneered some of the most groundbreaking Pro-Life legislative reforms in the nation, we have fallen woefully short of the status quo regarding Pro-Life insurance reform. 

And this shortcoming is not for lack of effort; indeed, Texas Right to Life, together with a cohort of dedicated Pro-Life lawmakers, fought tirelessly through the last two legislative sessions to extend the guarantee of an abortion-free insurance system to Texans.  But our efforts this session were callously sabotaged from within by “Pro-Life” fraud Byron Cook and his cronies.  Cook, who chaired the powerful State Affairs Committee, dealt Pro-Life insurance reform a death blow by weakening and then postponing SB 575 until the bill died.

Because of these disgraceful antics, Pro-Life Texans are not guaranteed protection from paying for abortion in all health plans, and are left to sort through information about abortion coverage themselves.  Fortunately, the dedicated team behind has done most of the grunt work, aggregating the insurance plans available to Texans on one page.  They even color-coded the plans, pointing out those that do fund elective abortion, those that definitely do not, those that say they do not, and those that could not be confirmed one way or another.  Go here to see the results. 

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