Watch: Pro-Life imposters, and why you should vote

We are in the middle of the most aggressive primary battle to elect true Pro-Lifers to send to Austin. 

We've been receiving word across the state that there are some candidates who are masquerading as Pro-Lifers.  They're goal is to confuse voters so they can be elected and vote against Life.  This is unacceptable. 

That's why Texas Right to Life has set the record straight and published a primary voter guide that will tell you who the real Pro-Life candidates are. 

Please download and print our 2012 Primary voter guide.

You can be assured that when you vote for a candidate who is endorsed by Texas Right to Life, that he or she is truly Pro-Life.  Our candidates have passed our strict interviews and qualifications so that you know they believe that Life begins at fertilization and ends at natural death.

There are no exceptions.  Our endorsed candidates understand that this is a matter of Life and death. 

Early voting has already started, and we need all Pro-Lifers to go and vote.  

With real Pro-Lifers in Austin, we can stop the senseless killing in the womb, stop even more tax dollars from going to the abortion industry, and stop death panels from victimizing the infirm in our Texas hospitals. 

So please download and print a few copies of our Pro-Life voter guide, give them to your friends and take them with you into the polling locations, and vote Pro-Life. 


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