Travis County continues support for Planned Parenthood, no matter what

Travis County has stooped to a shocking new low with a recent act of public cheerleading for the Planned Parenthood abortion behemoth.  Two weeks ago, the Travis County Commissioners Court passed a resolution designed to lend credence to the appalling practices of Planned Parenthood.  In addition to the daily commission of abortion, Texans have learned, thanks to recordings from the Center for Medical Progress, that Planned Parenthood is also guilty of heinous treatment of the bodies of aborted babies.  At least one Texas Planned Parenthood affiliate may even be responsible for delivering live babies in abortions in order to fetch top dollar for the babies’ intact bodies postmortem. 

In the wake of these revelations, Travis County (which encompasses Austin) has come to Planned Parenthood’s aid.  Turning a blind eye to Planned Parenthood’s anti-Life acts, the Commissioners Court resolution essentially says that Travis County stands in solidarity with the abortion giant and celebrates the organization’s gruesome mainstay of elective abortion on-demand.  In a moment of devastating irony during the pro-Planned Parenthood hoopla on Tuesday, December 15, Travis County judge Sarah Eckhardt said: “I want both my daughter and my son and all people’s children to have that choice.”  Apparently, she does not realize that in order for “all people’s children” to have choice, they must first be born.

The Travis County Commissioners Court Meeting Minutes describe the move as a “resolution in support of continued participation of Planned Parenthood in the Medicaid program in Texas.”  Indeed, Planned Parenthood’s participation in the Medicaid program has been revoked due to the organization’s choice not to comply with strict participation regulations.  Specifically, Planned Parenthood allegedly committed Medicaid fraud to the tune of tens of millions of dollars and was caught admitting to myriad illegal activities in undercover footage recorded by the Center for Medical Progress.

Austin is notorious for borderline-ridiculous abortion cheerleading, especially in recent years.  Earlier this year, in fact, the Austin City Council was forced to pay nearly half a million dollars in a settlement following acts of blatant discrimination against Pro-Life pregnancy resource centers (PRCs).  On what appears to have been a search-and-destroy mission against Pro-Life resources, the Council ordered that all PRCs display signage which mischaracterized the services they offer to women. 

The resolution passed with the votes of Sarah Eckhardt, Brigid Shea, and Margaret Gomez.  After the vote, Planned Parenthood bigwig Sarah Wheat and her posse partied with the Commissioners Court’s anti-Life members.  Concerned Texans can contact the Commissioners Court regarding this resolution here.

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