Planned Parenthood in Ohio caught dumping babies in landfills

Seemingly every day, Americans learn a new piece of horrifying information about the business practices of Planned Parenthood.  Earlier this month, for example, a string of Planned Parenthood abortion mills in Ohio was caught disposing of their abortion victims in landfills.  Planned Parenthood contracted with a third-party waste-management company, Accu Medical Waste Services, which essentially pressure-cooked the human remains collected at Planned Parenthood in order to “sanitize” them, and then dumped them in landfills as nothing more than typical refuse.

The news came to light after the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine opened an investigation into the abortion business in July.  Reports yielded evidence that Planned Parenthood was sending bodies to local landfills – a fact that horrified local residents and national observers alike.  Planned Parenthood quickly retaliated against the scrutiny by suing the state.  In a transparent act of deflection, Planned Parenthood accused the state of using “political” manipulation to “restrict women’s access to safe and legal abortion,” not even bothering to mention (or try to deny) their horrific practice of dumping babies in landfills.

Now, the Attorney General has been forced to take a step back from resolving the disposal issue at the Ohio Planned Parenthood affiliates in question.  Following a judge’s decision to block the state from enforcing the law, DeWine’s plan to sue the organization in order to prevent them from continuing the inhumane disposal practices is at a standstill.  For now, DeWine has announced that the Ohio General Assembly will work on establishing “clear standards” defining the practice of human waste disposal.  Meanwhile, Accu Medical Waste Services cut ties with the abortion business, and Planned Parenthood has simply contracted with a new company to handle their disposal of aborted babies.  There is no indication that anything at all has changed or will change.

Sadly, Planned Parenthood opting to dump dead children in a landfill is not at all surprising.  In fact, abortion workers have long bemoaned the difficulty they face trying to dispose of the children they kill.  Some have resorted to stuffing the bodies down the garbage disposal, while others have stored the bodies in freezers indefinitely, or sent them to incinerators.  Not surprisingly, the main complaint of abortion workers is the steep cost of “humane” disposal, especially at facilities where a high volume of dead bodies are turned out on a daily basis.  In some cases, the intact bodies of aborted babies have even been found in the dumpsters outside of abortion mills.

Aside from the legal implications of this grotesque disposal practice, the fact that Planned Parenthood is willing to cast off human beings in such a way speaks to the absence of empathy on which their business is run.  This inhuman attitude saturates every facet of Planned Parenthood’s modus operandi—from the way they manipulate vulnerable pregnant women into buying their abortion product to the way they dispose of their abortion victims, and everything in between.  Planned Parenthood’s actions bespeak their priorities in no uncertain terms: profit first, human well-being (and basic decency) last.  

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