The vast inequality of the movement for women’s equality

As a woman, I have been told by feminists, politicians, world leaders, and even President Obama himself, that abortion liberates women, that the opportunity to simply terminate a pregnancy allows women to fulfill their dreams and grasp the destiny that is so desperately owed to them.  

But as an almost 25-year-old, I know better.  Abortion has claimed the lives of an entire third of my generation.  Millions of people are not here because they were seen by some as a stepping stone to make women and this nation more prosperous.  


The abortion lobby says that we are a better and freer nation because abortion allows women to be equal to men.  Because of abortion, they say, women can pursue higher educations and higher-paying jobs.  


Equality for women will never be gained at the expense of inequality for the unborn.  Abortion is a cheap cop-out to real progress for gender equality.


As a Pro-Life woman who disagrees with the destructive, divisive, and demeaning rhetoric of the abortion industry, I am demonized as a pawn in the scheme to shame women.  Abortion proponents continually call for equality and to be treated with dignity, but they are quick to degrade any woman who shows allegiance to an opinion other than theirs. 


If we truly care about freedom and equality for all, we cannot afford to be a nation that sacrifices the equality of one group for the sake of another.  Not only does our conscience forbid doing so, but so does our nation’s founding. 


Today, the nation marched in Washington, D.C.  The nation marched in defense of the 55 million children who have perished since the handing down of Roe v. Wade — the children whose lives have only been seen as a bump in the road to a greater destination for women and the nation. 


Today, the nation marched for those whose lives hang in the balance.  


The abortion advocates say they speak for the equality and rights of women.  I’m here to say that their idea of equality is a sham and their opinion of women is a disgrace.  Their notion of freedom and rights violates everything on which this country was founded.  


Sacrificing the destinies of others so that you can obtain yours is not equality, and it is certainly not freedom. 


I will continue to defy the abortion lobby’s skewed version of equality and freedom.  Join me.  You can email me: and share how you are exposing the abortion lobby’s vast and destructive view of equality. 

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