Texas Right to Life proud to join forces with Navarro County residents to oppose Byron Cook

Corsicana – During the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature, Republican-In-Name-Only Byron Cook advanced a despicable, anti-Life agenda on the backs of defenseless preborn children.  Now, Cook is seeking reelection to continue abusing his office in the Texas House of Representatives for another term.  Navarro County voters have united to resist Cook’s assault on Life, and Texas Right to Life is joining the fight.  Today, Texas Right to Life staff arrived in Corsicana to stand for Life and against Byron Cook as he announces his intention to seek reelection at the Corsicana Country Club.

During this year’s Legislative Session, Cook betrayed the most fundamental principles of the Republican platform by single-handedly crippling bills that would have saved preborn children from unjust deaths at the hands of the Texas abortion cartel.  These bills and amendments sought to extend the protections of the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, House Bill 2 of the 2013 Legislative Session, to Texas preborn children diagnosed with fetal anomalies in utero.  These children are not currently protected by HB 2’s prohibition of abortions past 20 weeks, the point of pregnancy at which children can undeniably feel the excruciating pain of dismemberment abortions.

Cook not only held these measures back, but actively assaulted the measures by writing a letter to his colleagues proffering a disingenuous emotional appeal intended to dissuade them from protecting preborn Lives.  Byron Cook also abused his office to cripple legislation that would have protected insurance enrollees from paying for elective abortions, and he intercepted legislation written to protect Texas patients from forced Do-Not-Resuscitate orders.  Now, Navarro County residents will use their votes to dethrone Cook and replace him with a candidate who is committed to protecting patients and Texas women and children from the inhumane practices of the abortion industry.    

Byron Cook is dangerous for the most vulnerable Texans and must be replaced.  Texas Right to Life is proud to join forces with the committed Pro-Lifers of Navarro County to protect the most defenseless by unseating Byron Cook.   

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