Caught on camera: GOP candidate explains why he supports abortion

In this captured video, a Republican (yes, you read that correctly) candidate explains why he supports abortion, claiming that the government has no business telling a woman she cannot undergo "a legal medical procedure."


How can anyone trust a politician who refuses to protect Life?


Squishy, moderate Republican candidates like this are the biggest threat to the Pro-Life movement in Texas.


When you view this video, you will understand what we are up against during this vicious primary battle. Establishment leadership in the Texas House are propping up anti-Life candidates in Republican primaries to confuse voters!


But there is hope!


In the same video, current state representative Matt Rinaldi unapologetically stands up and explains that he is 100% Pro-Life, and he shares Texas Right to Life's urgency about protecting the unborn and all human life!

In fact, Matt Rinaldi was awarded Texas Right to Life's Pro-Life Freshman of the Year award just a few months ago!

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