Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee backs Mike Lang for vacated House seat

Mike Lang has demonstrated his commitment to advancing the Life mission, and, with strong ties to House District 60, Mike Lang will be a robust ally for Life-affirming measures.  

Mike shares Texas Right to Life’s belief that innocent human Life must be protected from fertilization until natural death, which includes those who are disabled or hospitalized.

Mike will advocate the rights of the preborn, promote higher safety standards for women, and support further protections for patients and families in hospital settings.

"Texas Right to Life looks forward to working with Mike as an ardent Pro-Life legislator who seeks to defend the preborn and to stand for the dying and disabled.  We are hopeful that House District 60 will finally elect a representative who actively represents their Pro-Life values," said Emily Kebodeaux, Political Director of Texas Right to Life.

Real Pro-Lifers are needed in the State House.  House District 60 has an opportunity to elect a real conservative to represent their faith and families in Austin.  Mike will be that champion for the Pro-Life cause in the Texas House of Representatives.

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