Houston Chronicle’s rush to judgment on Planned Parenthood has underwhelmed the facts

Last month’s editorial board piece in the Houston Chronicle entitled, “On Planned Parenthood: a rush to judgment,” laments that, “The current obsession with defunding Planned Parenthood is not only or even mostly about abortion.  It is about birth control,” accusing Pro-Lifers of depriving women of birth control. 

Regrettably, the Chronicle ignores the facts about Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider—facts found in the organization’s own annual reports: such a 97% of their profits are from the sale of abortion to vulnerable, pregnant women while they claim that abortion only makes up 3% of their so-called “services.”  That little side business of selling the body parts of the aborted children doesn’t seem to show up on the annual report—not under profits, not under research, and not even under that over-arching, nebulous umbrella of “health care.”  And as loyalists to the abortion agenda, the Chronicle doesn’t acknowledge this reprehensible practice, but rather tries to distract readers with the “birth-control-prevents-abortion” refrain.

In the footage released by the Center for Medical Progress, the remains of children aborted at Planned Parenthood are prodded in glass dishes while tissue research technicians and abortionists salivate over the monetary value of each body part.  Liver-thymus pairs, neural tissue, eyeballs, lower extremities, “perfect” hearts, intact heads, kidneys: each of these tiny human body parts are specifically discussed in relation to their procurement price tag.  And yet the Chronicle wants to talk about birth control.

Planned Parenthood officials openly haggle over the compensation they’ll receive in exchange for manipulating abortion procedures to ensure “intact” specimens, and we are haunted by the hyena-like laughter of Planned Parenthood employees who find humor in the fact that all of the aborted children in the clinic were dumped into one bag and left to marinate in the freezer as their mangled bodies awaited disposal.  No one on our side is talking about birth control, yet the Chronicle went from chopped up babies to birth control.  The notion that the Pro-Life movement is against birth control is nothing more than a smokescreen; we are, however, opposed to the dismemberment of nascent humans.

The editorial board replays the tired soundbite that abortion cannot be funded by Title X taxpayer dollars.  Planned Parenthood can and does use the money from our pockets to power the vacuum aspirators they use to abort children and to pay for the water used to rinse blood and gore from their mutilated bodies so that procurement technicians can find their coveted specimens.

In spite of glaring evidence of wrongdoing within Planned Parenthood, the editorial board persists: “Defunding Planned Parenthood would in essence defund women's health services.”  Hardly.  Chopping up babies for profit has never been a women’s health service.

Planned Parenthood provides birth control and a limited range of STD screenings with a large dose of abortion and illegal fetal organ trafficking on the side.  In contrast, Texas’ 3,380 tax-funded health centers offer a wide spectrum of abortion-free women’s health services to a broader population, thus, Planned Parenthood is darkly unique.  These non-abortion-affiliated centers vastly outnumber Planned Parenthood locations and provide healthcare for all Texas women, men, and children.

The Houston Chronicle claims that orders by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood on a state and local level were predicated on “a rush to judgment” that “overwhelmed the facts.”  The truth is that the facts speak for themselves, and such an investigation into abortion peddlers following or breaking laws and harming women and children for profit is long overdue.

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