Texas Right to Life Exposes Wendy Davis Abortion Agenda

Famous for championing child-killing, State Senator Wendy Davis has made her official announcement to seek statewide office as our governor.  She has been a leader in the war on women, making sure that pregnant women fall prey to the substandard care at Texas abortion mills. After her filibuster to kill Pro-Life legislation, Davis became the new harridan for third trimester abortion. This weekend, in response to the Davis announcement, Texas Right to Life will launch 60-second English and Spanish language radio ads on South Texas secular and Christian stations, educating listeners about Davis.  


The purpose of the ad is to make sure that listeners are aware of Wendy Davis's commitment to the abortion agenda–a position contrary to the typically religious views of the citizens of the Valley.  "Politicians and elected officials can no longer enjoy the luxury that their words and deeds in the Capitol stay in the Capitol.  Concerned citizens across the state should know which public officials are working against their values.  We are confident that our truth campaign on Davis' uncompromising advancement of abortion will be well-received and of grave concern to listeners," said Elizabeth Graham of Texas Right to Life.


The cavalier attitude of Davis and her ilk are to blame for the war on women.  These abortion supporters prefer that women, particularly low-income women, go to abortion clinics for routine health care needs by insisting that health care dollars are funneled to these controversial agencies and their questionable programs.  Davis and others also look the other way in regard to protecting women from predatory abortionists who fail health inspections and violate state regulatory laws. 


Senator Davis denies the personhood of even fully formed preborn children.  Many abortion advocates acknowledge the barbarism of third trimester abortions, but not Ms. Davis.  Her views are so fanatical that she opposes any safeguards for the unborn at any stage of pregnancy, up to and including the final weeks before birth, and she also fights additional safety measures at abortion clinics to protect Texas women from Gosnell-like butchers.  


Davis covered all these points and thoroughly aired her abortion views during her 11-hour filibuster in June in her failed attempt to block the new Pro-Life law from passing.


The ad is recorded with female voices in English and Spanish.  


The script of Texas Right to Life's 60-second spots follows. 

Nothing is more precious than our children. Medical technology has improved the lives of premature babies.


This past summer, Republicans and Democratic state legislators passed limits on second and third trimester abortions when babies are fully formed. Extremist groups protested this new law and rallied around abortion zealot State Senator Wendy Davis. 


Wendy Davis opposes any limits on abortion and even called late term abortions "sacred ground." 


But abortion is not sacred; babies feel the pain of abortion. That's why state lawmakers from both parties came together to protect our most vulnerable children. 


Wendy Davis puts late term abortion ahead of our faith, our families, and Texas values. Wendy Davis believes terminating babies even after 1/2 way through the pregnancy is okay.  She is wrong on life, wrong for our children, and wrong for Texas.


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