Texas Right to Life PAC issues dual endorsement in race for Attorney General

Texas voters are now in the enviable position of choosing between two strong and courageous Pro-Life advocates who are running to succeed Attorney General Abbott.

The State of Texas has been blessed by Attorney General Greg Abbott championing the cause for life.  Attorney General Abbott has achieved a decade of defending Pro-Life laws and provisions, and his many official opinions have resulted in increased protections on the sanctity of human life.

Texas Right to Life PAC proudly issues a dual endorsement in the Republican Primary Election for the next Attorney General; both State Senator Ken Paxton and Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman have earned the full support and endorsement of the state’s oldest and largest Pro-Life organization.

Smitherman and Paxton are the only two candidates in the race who share all of Texas Right to Life’s goals for protecting life and who have demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to advance the cause at every opportunity in the Office of Attorney General of Texas.  Both statesmen offer diverse strengths from their time in their respective elected offices, and the state of Texas and the Pro-Life cause will be well-served by either.



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