Pro-Life advocates are needed this week to stand for Life against House Bill 3074

UPDATE: Learn how Texas Right to Life worked Rep. Drew Springer to fix this bill by clicking and following this link.

HB 3074 is a misguided attempt at a small reform to the Texas Advance Directives Law. HB 3074 only appears to prohibit the withdrawal of food and hydration from patients, but the bill offers 5 exceptions under which hospital ethics committees can actually withdraw food and water—even if the patient and his family are requesting this life-sustaining care. The exceptions are so broadly written and subjective that hospital committees can withdraw food and water, called “artificially administered nutrition and hydration” or “AANH” in HB 3074, as they find appropriate. 

We are asking Pro-Life Texans to stand and be heard. Let us know you are coming; RSVP on our Facebook page or join us to make phone calls to let the committee know you stand against HB 3074.

The Texas Advance Directives Law needs reforms and patient protections. HB 3074 offers neither and only strengthens current law that authorizes hospital ethics committees to impose quality of life value judgments on patients. Representative Springer has been made aware of Texas Right to Life’s concerns and is looking into how to address these important issues with more precise language.

As written, this legislation IS NOT a Pro-Life bill! For more information, click here

The Texas House Committee on State Affairs needs to hear from YOU

Join Texas Right to Life in opposing this loophole-ridden legislation by calling or emailing the offices of the committee members. Respectfully ask them to close the vote against HB 3074 or close these quality of life exceptions.

Call or email your state representative and ask him or her to ask colleagues on the State Affairs Committee to oppose HB 3074.

Or call and email the members of the Committee on State Affairs directly:

Chairman Byron, (512) 463-0730

Rep. Helen, (512) 463-0953

Rep. Tom, (512) 463-0500

Rep. Marsha, (512) 463-0309

Rep. Jessica, (512) 463-0620

Rep. Charlie, (512) 463-0610

Rep. Patricia, (512) 463-0496

Rep. Dan, (512) 463-0520

Rep. John, (512) 463-0602

Rep. René, (512) 463-0640

Rep. John T., (512) 463-0702

Rep. Sylvester, (512) 463-0554

Please invite your Pro-Life friends to this event and ask them to join our efforts to fix this bill.

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