Abortion alternatives provide hope for mothers in unplanned pregnancies

Did you know that 84% of post-abortive women felt that abortion was their only option when they found themselves in unplanned pregnancy situations?  For women who lack Life-affirming support networks, experts liken the unplanned pregnancy experience to an animal being caught in a trap from which the only way to escape is to gnaw off her own leg.

A woman’s feelings of desperation are affirmed by partners, family members, and the money-hungry business that is Big Abortion.  Boyfriends and husbands who don’t feel ready to meet the challenge of fatherhood push abortion on vulnerable mothers who face the impossible decision of losing their significant other or sacrificing their child.  Parents may threaten to kick a young, pregnant daughter out of their home (for fear that her pregnancy will damage the family’s reputation, for example) if she does not abort their grandchild.  And the predatory abortion industry stops at nothing to sell abortion as a solution to these desperate young women.

We must raise awareness in our families and communities of the alternatives to abortion that exist.  Across Texas, an array of solutions are ready to help any mother who finds herself alone in an unplanned pregnancy.  These aids include pregnancy resource centers, adoption organizations, maternity homes, and even legislation that provides post-birth options for mothers who feel unequipped to parent.

The Texas Pregnancy Care Network (TPCN) is an organization that connects mothers with the resources best suited to their specific needs.  TPCN helps mothers find which of the hundreds of Texas pregnancy assistance organizations exist in their specific area, providing up-to-date information for each one.  The services with which the TPCN connects women include pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies, maternity residences, and social service agencies.  Among these four categories women can find everything they need to carry their child to term, and then choose which outcome they feel is best for themselves and their children after birth.

For women who, for any reason, find themselves unable to parent an infant after birth, the Baby Moses Law serves as a Life-affirming option for both the mothers and their children.  The Baby Moses Law allows a woman to leave her infant at any “Safe Haven,” which includes every fire station, hospital, or emergency medical services (EMS) station in the state of Texas.  Babies will receive immediate medical care as needed and be placed with emergency caregivers in custody of the State.  There has been an alarming incidence of newborn abandonment in perilous locations in Texas, and the Baby Moses Law seeks to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every newborn, even when parents find themselves unable or unwilling to care for their children themselves.  Learn more about the Baby Moses Law here, and spread the word about this Life-saving provision.

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