Political Action Committee issues endorsement for Sid Miller for Agriculture Commissioner

Former Representative Sid Miller is no stranger to the Pro-Life issue, and he will continue to be a leader for the cause in any office he holds.

Representative Miller led Texas in the fight to require a sonogram before every abortion.  The Texas Sonogram law, which was upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals as constitutional, has already resulted in reduced abortions and is considered one of the strongest in the nation.

Also in 2011, Sid Miller carried one of the amendments to direct health care dollars away from the abortion industry and to programs that serve a wider population and offer a broad spectrum of services.  During the Special Session in 2011, Miller was instrumental in stopping an amendment that targeted unborn babies with fetal abnormalities for abortion.

“Texas Right to Life has found an unflinching and undaunted champion for Life at all stages in Representative Sid Miller.  His experience as a conservative, Pro-Life leader in the Texas House will prove him to be a tremendous statesman and leader in any position,” said Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life.

Texans will be served well by Sid Miller because the protection of all Texans remains his top priority. 

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