No surprise: Abortion activist slanders Pro-Lifers in CNN "debate"

Late last year, Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest appeared on CNN’s Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin to provide Pro-Life reaction to the Colorado Springs shooting at Planned Parenthood.  Yoest’s anti-Life counterpart, Laura Chapin, served to demonstrate in her responses what the logical fallacy of the non sequitur is, repeatedly answering questions the moderator did not ask and shuffling through common attacks on Pro-Lifers which had no bearing on the Colorado Springs shooting.  In her quest to vilify Pro-Lifers, Chapin even cited the thoroughly-debunked Texas Policy Evaluation Project’s “study,” funded by Warren Buffett, claiming that Texas Pro-Life laws have fostered an uptick in the abortion self-induction rate among Texas women.

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Moderator Poppy Harlow asked whether or not the highly-vocalized Pro-Life stance against abortion, which has been reinvigorated by the release of several undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress, was to blame for galvanizing deranged individuals like Colorado Springs shooter Robert Lewis Dear.  Harlow asked Chapin whether that characterization of Pro-Lifers in general was fair.  “Absolutely.  Of course it is,” said Chapin.  Harlow then asked, “Why?  Why isn’t this just a deranged individual?”  Chapin veered into a diatribe claiming that abortionists face daily threats to their well-being.  “This is absolutely rhetorical,” she concluded.  

Yoest condemned the abortion movement’s attack on free speech in the wake of the shooting.  “They are trying to politicize a tragedy to advance a political agenda and to indict the entire legislative process,” said Yoest.  “We have to keep in mind here that the American tradition is for legislators to respond to what their constituents want.  And we’ve seen Pro-Life legislators passing Pro-Life laws because that’s our system.  And that’s a great system.  And it’s a way of channeling differences of opinion.  And so for her to slander people who disagree with her in the wake of a tragedy is really outrageous.  Her description of what’s going on is completely inaccurate.”

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