HB2 author Jodie Laubenberg faces pro-abortion opponent for House seat

State Representative Jodie Laubenberg was drawn into the spotlight last year when she authored, carried, and passed the historic, Pro-Life House Bill 2 in Texas, but she is no newcomer to the Pro-Life issue.  Laubenberg has represented North Texas since 2003 and has been a strong Pro-Life supporter her entire tenure in office.

The attacks from the radical left did not cease after they tried and failed to break Laubenberg’s resolve to pass the Life-saving legislation. Laubenberg now faces a candidate who has the backing of extremely leftist groups like Battleground Texas.

Laubenberg’s opponent is trying to rally her leftist base. A lawyer, Sameena Karmally threw her hat into the race for Laubenberg’s seat after rabid abortion supporters failed to accomplish their mission of dismantling order in the Texas Capitol and ramming their abortion agenda down the throat of Texans.

Karmally is running on a platform that is the polar opposite of Jodie Laubenberg’s Pro-Life, pro-liberty record. Her website states she wants the state to “encourage access to birth control and appropriate sexual education programs to prevent unwanted pregnancies.”

She also laments the closing of the various Planned Parenthood’s across the state for their inability to comply and meet standard medical requirements:

“The closure of Planned Parenthood clinics means thousands of women and men will be denied access to routine physicals, mammograms, STD screenings, and other preventative health services,” she states.

Of course, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, nor is abortion a “health service.” Their entire business model is based on their ability to line their coffers with the exploitation of women and the killing of children.

Jodie Laubenberg is well aware of Planned Parenthood’s deception and their inability to keep their hands out of the taxpayer’s wallets. That is why she voted to strip $64 million away from the abortion industry in 2011 and also voted to ensure abortionists provide all the information to women regarding their pregnancy, such as showing and explaining the Life of her child during the sonogram.

Ironicially, Karmally recently said she thinks, “many potential voters have disengaged because they’re tired of politicians who just want to stir up anger, fear, resentment, and divisiveness.” Yet, she also said she followed last summer’s, divisive, anger-filled, and fear-mongering events of the radical orange crowd very closely.

Jodie Laubenberg stood calmly as radical abortion advocates spewed hatred and vile words at her last summer. She stands with the majority of Texans in supporting the Life of the preborn. Karmally undermines the will of Texans and the voters of North Texas to try to assert otherwise. 

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