Texas Right to Life endorses Top Legislator Charles Perry for State Senate

Charles Perry has achieved high marks from the state’s largest Pro-Life powerhouse during his time in the State House, and he has earned their endorsement for his race for State Senate District 28. 

Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee is the political arm of Texas Right to Life, the state’s oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization.  Their success in the recent primary cycle indicates that their support and involvement in state legislative races can be a major plus in wooing value voters to support their endorsed candidates.

Charles Perry has been a strong advocate for the Pro-Life cause during his time in the State House, and Texas Right to Life is confident that he’ll continue his record of protecting life as the next State Senator from District 28.   Perry’s Pro-Life score in the 2013 Legislative Session was A++ or 122%, and he earned 135% in 2011, another A++.

Perry stood among (not on the sidelines) the Pro-Life community during the summer of 2013 when the state’s most comprehensive Pro-Life bill, HB 2, was passing with national news attention.  Charles helped ensure that babies who are at the 5-month age in utero are protected from the pain of abortion, and he understands and supports the need for increased health and safety standards at abortion clinics.  As a member of Appropriations, Charles was able to monitor all the family planning funding streams in committee meetings. Charles also made sure that the Pro-Life rules and restrictions in the state’s budget were not weakened. 

Charles Perry actively advocates for patients and families’ rights to be restored in Texas hospitals.  He has authored and co-authored legislation that would prohibit hospitals and doctors from using discriminatory tactics to deny medical care to patients.

"Charles Perry has a proven Pro-Life track record, and the voters of Senate District 28 should be confident that Charles keeps his Pro-Life campaign promises.  Since health care dollars are highly coveted in West Texas, Charles has worked to ensure that women’s health programs are fully funded while keeping abortion out of those programs. He also wants to be sure that people with disabilities receive the same care and respect in Texas hospitals afforded to others.  Texas Right to Life PAC is proud to endorse Charles Perry’s election to the Texas Senate. Charles Perry is the only proven Pro-Lifer in the race, and he never backs away from a Pro-Life challenge,” said Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life.

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