Davis steers clear of the "A"-word

For a woman so dedicated to the most inhumane practice of abortion as a legislator, in her gubernatorial bid, Wendy Davis is obfuscating her connection with the gruesome procedure.

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis became famous this summer for fiercely opposing legislation that would prevent doctors from violently killing preborn children capable of feeling pain during the procedure; the legislation restricted abortion beyond five months of pregnancy in utero.  There are almost no politicians who can claim fame strictly over extreme abortion advocacy, but Wendy can.

Davis is touting education for young Texans in hopes of distracting voters from her extremism on abortion.  However, voters recognize that an education is impossible for young Texans who aren’t first guaranteed a right to Life, and Davis doesn’t know to respond.  Beyond this logical miscalculation in her campaign is the question of why Wendy strives so ardently to dissociate herself from the very issue that lifted her to fame.  Predictably, the liberal media and the abortion industry fawned over Wendy for her filibuster and disruption of the legislative process.  

So why not bask in the abortion idolatry all the way to the polls?  Davis’s gushy fauxminist supporters are primarily not Texan, nor is her support base in Texas.  They are liberal pundits who dot the nation—particularly the most liberal, anti-Life states, like California. (Only 29%of the #StandWithWendy tweets during the HB2 debacle came from Texas.)  Wendy and her star-struck media are part of the progressive left trying to pry Texas from our Pro-Life, pro-God roots.  That doesn’t resonate with Texas voters and support from California and New York does not help when looking to govern Texas.

Wendy’s skirting of the “A”-word is a strategy shared by the nation’s largest abortion committer, Planned Parenthood.  Wendy is famous because of abortion; Planned Parenthood profits from abortion.  And yet, neither will use the “A”-word.

Live Action News noted that a recent fundraising letter from Planned Parenthood very conspicuously omitted “A” from the list of “services” offered, even though Planned Parenthood committed 327,166 of these abortion “services:”

We need you to stand with us as we push back against organized efforts to do away with Planned Parenthood altogether.  Disrupting health centers isn’t enough…now they want to deny women access not only to affordable birth control, but also to cancer screenings, pre-natal care, and every other preventive health care service Planned Parenthood offers…

While most people come to Planned Parenthood health centers for contraception, those centers also provide pregnancy tests, cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, family planning and infertility information, sex education resources, and many other essential reproductive health services.

Why not list “A” if indeed dismembering one’s own, fully-formed, preborn child is a legitimate medical service to which women have a sacred right?  What emotion does the “A”-word elicit in the minds of potential clients, not to mention those who follow Planned Parenthood’s election advocacy?  Wendy has begrudgingly realized that the “A” platform from which she sprung into the spotlight will not land her in the Governor’s Mansion in Texas, but voters are not duped by her attempts to focus on non-sequential issues.  

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