Wendy Davis touts Planned Parenthood; reaffirms true abortion motives

Wendy Davis, the "abortion barbie" Democrat candidate for governor of Texas (against avid Pro-Life candidate Attorney General Greg Abbott), rose to infamy when she filibustered HB2, the biggest Pro-Life bill of the 2013 Texas Legislative Session.  Wendy tried to keep the preborn  devoid of human rights when she stood for 11 hours in the Texas State Senate to expose fully formed preborn children to torturous dismemberment through late-term abortion.  Such aberration spoke volumes about her respect for Texas women, since HB2 includes many provisions specifically to safeguard the well-being and safety of abortion-vulnerable women. 

Since riding the wave of filibuster fame into her gubernatorial bid, Davis has unsuccessfully tried to reinvent herself as a child advocate.  She blathers endlessly about education and child welfare.  Most Texans see absurdity of a woman who champions infanticide while insisting that those who survive the womb are entitled to a state-sponsored life—the big tent of the Democrat party only includes those who are already born.   To them, Pro-Life means pro-school-lunches, pro-healthcare for all children born, pro-government-sponsored education for every child, pro-free stuff for life to prove that they are ‘pro-life’ and not simply ‘pro-birth.'  

Wendy chillaxed amid the abortion crowd on Tuesday night, joined by Planned Parenthood Prez Cecile Richards.  Richards vouched for Davis at the event, bemoaning the media’s interest in Wendy’s fabrication of her biography.

On the day following the event, Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News explained that — probably in an effort to shine the spotlight away from Davis' true (abortion) agenda, reporters were excluded from the event and told that the room was "too crowded:" 

Organizers decided to bar the press from the ballroom in what seemed like an ill-conceived effort to control the message.  The room was too crowded, reporters were told.

A live online stream of the speeches was arranged by the Travis County Democratic Party, sponsor of the annual fundraising bash, through the Texas Tribune, a news website.  But the arrangement made it difficult to report a fuller account of the evening, which apparently was the idea.

Richards, daughter of former Gov. Ann Richards, told the crowd of Travis County Democrats that Davis faces opposition reminiscent of the 1990 race by her mother, the last Democrat to be elected governor in Texas.

“These attacks are coming from a group of folks who have been ruling this state for 25 years, and they’re going to do everything they can to hold on to that power,” said Richards.  “And you know what?  They’re not going to do it.  They’re not going to win.”

Some key facts about Planned Parenthood were deliberately omitted by Richards in her praise of abortion queen Davis.  Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion chain.  The killing organization has proven its wonton lack of regard for women's health time and again.  Despite the celebrated mission of “women’s health,” turning a profit while jeopardizing women is reality inside the not-so-sterile walls of their so-called health centers.  Just months ago, the Texas affiliate of Planned Parenthood was ordered by a court to re-pay $1.4 million, stolen from the Texas taxpayers in a shameful case of Medicaid fraud.  But such malfeasance is expected from an organization that profits from child-killing. 

Despite Wendy’s failed attempts to unchain the abortion millstone from her neck, Planned Parenthood proudly stumps for Ms. Davis.  Wendy’s pink sneakers can’t won’t be able to run her far enough away from her abortion agenda.

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