Cash for Clinton: ties run deep between the Democrat front runner and Planned Parenthood

The family lineage of Cecile Richards, president of the embattled Planned Parenthood Federation of America, has been characterized by fawning pundits as “fantastically feminist.”  Richards a third-generation “feminist” activist, was preceded by her mother, former Texas governor Ann Richards, and grandmother Eleanor Richards.  Richards’ daughter, Lily, is carrying on the “feminist” banner as a fixture in Democratic politics.  Lily was the Deputy Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee before beginning her newest role in presidential campaigning as Hillary Clinton’s Iowa press secretary.  Lily shares her family’s ideological views, advocating for Planned Parenthood on social media and fawning over her mother’s work.

Hillary Clinton and the daughter of Planned Parenthood’s president?  Hmmmm.  Where have we seen Hillary and PP arm-in-arm before?  How about last week on social media, when Hillary Clinton voiced support of Planned Parenthood, even after acknowledging that she found the content of undercover fetal body part harvesting to be “disturbing.”  Or, much further back, when Clinton was lavished by Planned Parenthood with their “Margaret Sanger Award.” 

The ties run deep.  And that is no accident.  Top Planned Parenthood execs are already funneling money into Clinton’s primary campaign, undoubtedly hoping that the favor will be returned in the form of White House policy decisions that will allow the abortion behemoth to operate with the same absence of federal oversight, abundance of taxpayer funding, and unquestioning fealty from White House press staff that they now enjoy. 

The interconnectedness of the abortion movement speaks to the weakness of the movement as a whole.  Whereas the Pro-Life worldview bypasses partisan, cultural, racial, socioeconomic, religious, age, and gender identifications, the abortion movement remains tightly contained within the bounds of the Democratic Party and a narrowly defined vision of “feminism.”  Where the Democratic Party goes, there goes Planned Parenthood.  

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