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After a fabulously Second Called Legislative Session, Texas Right to Life, the oldest and largest Pro-Life organization in our great state, is expanding operations.  Thanks to the support of members across Texas and beyond, we seek to hire a full-time Membership Services Associate.


At Texas Right to Life, we hire passionate individuals who hear a call to the purpose and ministry of Texas Right to Life and commit to the following Pro-Life values:


— Human life begins at fertilization.


— All innocent human life is worthy of protection regardless of age and  physical or mental competence, including Life begun in a laboratory.


— The elderly, disabled, and the terminally ill are intrinsically valuable to our human family; therefore, they should receive all requested lifesaving care, especially compassionate palliative care.


We are looking for computer-literate, detail-oriented individuals who intend to remain employed at Texas Right to Life for at least two years.  Applicants must be able to work at Texas Right to Life’s headquarters in Houston.      


Our Membership Services Associates will sort, compile, and verify the accuracy of data, enter donation information into our Access-based record system, do Internet research, file, and call Texas Right to Life members to verify information, in addition to other projects.    


A few of the necessary skills & qualifications:


— Ability to perform routine work with precision

— Strong analytical thinking skills

— Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks

— Willingness to correct errors

— Knowledge of Word, Excel, and Access preferred


Interested applicants should send an email to answering the following:

What does it mean to be Pro-Life?

Why are you Pro-Life?

What three qualities are needed in Pro-Life activists?

Why do you want to work for Texas Right to Life?

Do you want full or part-time employment?

What is your availability?

What will you add to Texas Right to Life?


Be a vital member of the most dynamic Pro-Life organization on Earth!


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